Twelve Glass Cabinets

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Twelve Glass Cabinets: The Red Dot

The Red Dot Series was created in response to an invitation to design and make work for an exhibition titled Twelve Glass Cabinets. This was held at Bank St Arts, Sheffield, UK, during December 2008. This exhibition paid homage to and critiqued the use of the cheap and cheerful Ikea glass cabinet which seems to have become the display medium of choice in craft galleries.

Twelve jewellers were each allocated a cabinet and each offered their own unique take on the exhibiting, display and selling of jewellery. Zoe created an ever-changing interactive showcase where the public could remove and try on one of a series of 40 different flocked magnetic brooches. On removal of the brooch a red dot was revealed indicating the work had been sold.

Jewellers included: Jivan Astfalck, Elizabeth Callinicos, Lin Cheung, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Joanne Haywood, Julia Keyte, Anna Lorenz, Laura Potter, Zoe Robertson, Felicity Rowley, Abigail Stradling, Syan van Niftrik

For more info please visit Twelve Glass Cabinets


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