Brooching Verona


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Brooching Verona

In concurrence with the annual Art-Verona Fair, more than twenty brooches by Italian and international artists made of unconventional and unusual materials in addition to metals, will be displayed in shop windows in the old town center of Verona from October 8, 2013 to October 20, 2013. These artifacts can be considered art works thanks to their significant emotional and intellectual contents. The focus of the event will be the concurrent exhibition “Enchanted Dialogues: Brooches in Tribute of Verona”, held at the deconsecrated church of San Pietro in Archivolto, next to the Cathedral of Verona. Overall “Brooching Verona” is a rare opportunity for citizens and tourists to approach the world, little-known yet deserving more attention, of ” contemporary jewels.” In addition to that, it contributes to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the historical streets of Verona. It is organized by associazione Nuro in collaboration with Verona’s Cathedral under both Verona Town Council’s and Province’s Patronage.


Luis Acosta (Nl/Ar) Alicia Jane Boswell (Usa) Lilia Breyter (Ar) Paula Bruno (Ar) Isabelle Busnel (Uk) Ana Helena Chifflet Guiponi (Uy) Cinzia Costantini/Stefania Gerbo (It) Nunzia De Feo (It) Clara Del Papa (It) Maria Aida Fernandez Rubio (Uy) Alessandra Gates (It/Usa) Joanne Haywood (Uk) Susana Hernandez Morin (Uy) Rita Martinez (Cr/It),  Zoe Robertson (Uk) Kaoru Rogers (Aus) Vicky Saragouda (Uk) Julie Usel (Uk) Elena Varela (Uz) Ornella Zaccaria (It) Melania Zucchi (It).

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ENCHANTED DIALOGUES:Brooches in tribute of Verona

The exhibition “Enchanted Dialogues:Brooches in Tribute of Verona” will be held in the deconsecrated church of San Pietro in Achivolto next to Verona’s Cathedral , from October 8 -20 2013 Curated by Nunzia De Feo and organized by associazione Nurò under the patronage of Verona’s Town Council and Verona’s Province with Cantina Castelnuovo del Garda’s and Agriform’s contribution, it has been set-up thanks to the foresight and generosity of Verona’s Cathedral. Given the pressing economic stagnation, Monsignor Antonio Finardi, Verona’s Cathedral Parish Priest, aware that having a job is inseparable from a human being’s dignity, asserts: “It is important to encourage and be close to those who are actively involved in experimenting and exploring new possibilities and solutions”.

As the title suggests, the show invites visitors to engage with the artifacts displayed in intimate and spontaneous conversations inside of which old memories, disjointed emotions and forgotten anecdotes can emerge.

Three are the thematic areas that constitute the main focus of the event:

  • Architecture of Verona: monuments and dynamism
  • Verona in the past: customs and cultural traditions
  • Paths: growing in “Hope”

Participants – Invited to deal with the ambitious project are some leading figures in the international contemporary jewelry world next to young talents from different countries outside of Europe, too.

Luis Acosta (Ar/Nl) Vicky Ambery-Smith (Uk) Luigi Barato (It) Leah Becker (Usa) Alica Jane Boswell (Usa) Lilia Breyter (Ar) Paula Breyter (Ar) Paula Bruno (Ar) Isabelle Busnell (Uk) Mariano Contin (It) Cinzia Costantini/Stefania Gerbo (It) Patricia Cruz (It) Nunzia De Feo (It) Corrado De Meo (It) Pieralba De Rosa (It) Luisa De Santi (It) Clara Del Papa (It) Suzanne Esser (Nl) Anna Galtarossa (It) Lucia Gigena (Uy) Suzanne Golden (Usa) Marianna Hadass (Uk) Joanne Haywood (Uk) Roberta Hibberd (Uk) Agnieszka Kiersztan (It) Rita Martinez (Cr/It) Mikiko Minewaki (Jp) Maria Rosa Mongelli (Ar) Viktoria Munzker (At) Martha Pachon (It) Mabel Pena (Ar) Paola Perez (Bo) Patrizia Polese (It) Zoe Robertson (Uk) Niki Stylianou (Gr) Davinia Torija (Es) Julie Usel (Uk) Stella Valencia (Cr) Davide Zambon (It) Melania Zucchi (It).

Associazione Nurò, established in Verona in January 2013, aims to be a driving force to promote knowledge of contemporary jewelry and reinvigorate its credibility inside the general public. Through the organization of exhibitions, workshops and conferences encourages a deepening of matters that engage in the world of ethics, law, fashion and wellness. In its mission hopes collaborations with public and private institutions

For more information about this exhibition please visit Enchanted Dialogues