Intimately Connected

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INTIMATELY CONNECTED aims to reveal the exploration of design and creativeness in contemporary jewellery making today; from applied, decorative, commercial or industrialised designs, the selection of works will help amateurs and collectors alike explore this unique and highly skilled art genre. This exhibition will aim to educate, inform and encourage the public to see a cross section of emerging and established artists from Australia and around the world.

Jewellery art like many other forms of fine art has the intention to express a sophisticated and well-developed concept or narrative through its display and materials. Artists investigate different topics to create individual pieces covering a broad spectrum of ideas and motivations; a piece of contemporary jewellery has the ability to take on the role of adornment with charisma, class and presence.

There are many types of Jewellery art that resonate with each of us. Whether you receive it from past generations, receive it as a gift or buy it yourself it is something that becomes self-reflective and transformative. The street is the home of popular culture; it is a place where people can shape and display their identity, attributes and personality while developing their own character. This can be done through piercings, tattoos, luxury jewellery or braided friendship bracelets. It has always had an immense capacity to interact with audiences and it becomes a part of our cultural existence.

Our body and the world also represent a fundamental quest for originality. The body has addressed adornment since the beginning of time, and the focus for contemporary jewellery to lead into the exploration of new parts of the body is a new platform that is challenging and artistically appropriate. Our bodies become the display of contemporary representation, whether it is the glittering commodities of gold, silver, diamonds, jewels or pearls it can also be the everyday materials of metal, rope, leather, bones and chains.

Jewellery is often used as a form of self-expression it can draw attention to sexuality or enhance beauty, show off wealth, signal status and project power but wearing a work of art can also have an emotional meaning. The way the object is touched, worn or experienced in a sense becomes part of the conversation, unique in design and beautifully created.

Information above from .M Contemporary  intimately-connected  and online  Catalogue  

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Image courtesy of .M Contemporary Gallery and
Photographed by Justin Ridler.
Styled by mark Vassallo.
Hair and make up Gavin Anesbury.
Model Gem at Work Models.
Photographed at Sun Studio’s Sydney.

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of .M Contemporary Gallery