Suspend.ed in Pink


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‘Suspend.ed in Pink’, a touring exhibition that seeks to explore the world of jewellery as it is NOW. With a focus on concept driven jewellery, also known as art or research jewellery.

Why pink?, why not blue or green or black, peach, indigo or tangerine? There are numerous reasons, opening up a riot of explorations into pink’s many connotations, cultural references and gender associations. And yet, at the same time it is arbitrary. It is just a colour. Nothing more or less. It is a beginning.

At first there was an open call, asking for submissions of jewellery that contained pink and could be suspended. Entries were received from all parts of the world. A wealth of statements, concepts and styles with 365 pieces submitted from over 156 jewellers. The jury, Laura Potter and Timothy Information Limited, worked hard pulling together a mix of styles and artists both established and emerging.

The Exhibition kicks off at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK, running from the 7th-28th of January 2013.

The exhibition tours to;

  • School of Jewellery (UK) (7th-28th of January)
  • Studio Gabi Green(Germany) part of Schmuck 2013 (7th – 11th March)
  • Schmuck Show (Germany)
  • Heidi Lowe (U.S.A) (11th August – 8th September)
  • Cicuits Bijoux (France) (12th -20th October)
  • V & V Gallery, Vienna, (Austria) (11th January – 8th March)

Exhibitors ‘Suspend.ed in Pink’ 2013

Alexandra Hopp, Andrea Coderch, Annette Dam, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Claire Lavendhomme, Claire McArdle, Corrado de Meo, Demitra Thomloudis, Drew Markou, Erica Voss, Farrah Al Dujaili, Galatée Pestre, Helena Johansson, Heng Lee, Isabel Dammermann, Jane Richie, Jo Pond, Jorge Manilla, Josephine Siwei Wang, Karen Bartlett, Kate Rohde, Karen Vanmol, Karin Roy Andersson, Katharina Moch, Kevin Hughes, Lauren Markley, Lital Mendel, Lynn Batchelder, Mallory Weston, Masako Hamaguchi, Michelle Kraemer, Minna Karhu, Patricia A Gallucci, Rachel McKnight, Réka Fekete, Rhona McCallum, Ria Lins, Sam Hamilton, Silke Fleischer, Sofia Björkman, Thea Clark, Vinit Koosolmanomai, Yeseul Seo, Zoe Robertson.

PRESS RELEASE: courtesy of Laura Bradshaw- Heap