The World is Your Dressing Up Box

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The World is Your Dressing Up Box  at The National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD)

22 Jul – 8 Oct 2017

This summer the National Centre for Craft & Design celebrates the flamboyance of fashion, costume design and accessories with a new exhibition, The World is Your Dressing Up Box  (22 Jul – 8 Oct 2017).

The exhibition will transform the gallery into a giant emporium of wonder and opulence, presenting well known pieces made for celebrities and the work of leaders in the world of fashion and costume design. Alongside them are trailblazing graduates, milliners, footwear designers and jewellers. Displayed together, this collection presents the ultimate ‘must-have’ pieces for everyone’s dressing up box. The chance to model favourite items highlights technique and materials and brings craftsmanship, quality and originality to life.

Subscribe Series -  Zoe Robertson - image credit Image courtesy Photographer Justin Ridler
My Subscribe Series on show at The World is Your Dressing up Box

Show highlights include the headpiece worn by Lady Gaga designed by Shilpa Chavan AKA ‘Little Shilpa’, in collaboration with Disney. One of only a handful of milliners in India, London College of Fashion graduate and previous intern to Philip Treacy, the artist has a distinct style influenced by travel and multiculturalism.

Staying with Lady Gaga, we also present some of her shoe designers, Kobi Levi and Kermit Tesoro. Levi’s ‘Double Boot’ was used in the ‘Born this Way’ music video whilst Tesoro is also known for his headline grabbing heel-less shoes and towering wedge boots for French-born designer, Florian Jayet, an intern for the late Alexander McQueen.

We take our hats off to London based Bundle MacLaren who shot to fame in 2011 after designing a dozen hats for the Royal Wedding and are lucky to have examples from world renowned milliner, Stephen Jones. For anyone with a sweet tooth, Shoe Bakery will definitely tempt your sweet side, bringing style and whimsy to the world of women’s shoes with unique cupcake, ice cream and cinnamon bun designs.

No show of this nature would be complete without iconic design examples – the towering Union Jack boots worn by Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell and the continuing impact of innovators like Björk, presented through the work of fashion designer and collaborator with the musician, Marlou Breuls.

We continue our ongoing relationship with artist Grace Du Prez and welcome Vogue featured  H E I D I L E E – also using 3D Printing technology. Made in the Middle jeweller, Dauvit Alexander, will show more iron ore and steel pieces inspired by when men more freely wore elaborate and beautiful jewellery.

Primarily about letting the imagination fly, celebrating individualism and self-expression the show also considers environmental and ethical questions and the issues of authenticity and style.

For more information please visit National Centre for Craft & Design

 The World is Your Dressing Up Box - The National Centre for Craft and Design