Delighted to announce I have been invited to exhibited at KORU6. I will be representing the UK as one of 12 invited jewellery artists. In which I was able to invite two other artists from the UK whose work I find interesting and engaging to join me. They are Rachael Colley and Tim Carson (Timothy Information Limited).

About KORU6

KORU6 is an international contemporary jewellery triennial organized now for the sixth time. The main purpose of the event is to widely present international contemporary jewellery and bring together artists, lecturers, researchers and people with interest in contemporary jewellery to take part in the exhibition, seminar and workshops! The event will take place in Imatra, Finland, August 2018.  The web page for the event is www.koru6.fi

The exhibition will be open at Imatra Art Museum from 20th of August to 15th of September 2018. This time 12 talented jewellery artist were invited to take part of the exhibition. Each of them was asked to invite two interesting artist from their own country to join in the exhibition. In total there will be works of 39 artists from 12 countries.

KORU6 exhibition, Imatra Art Museum, from 20th of August to 15th of September 2018. Opening ceremony in the evening of 17th of August 2018.


KORU6 workshops, 14th-16th of August 2018.

KORU6 seminar, 17th-18th of August 2018.

The artists participating KORU6 are:

  • Jussi Järvinen, Mari Keto and Hanna Ryynänen, Eija Mustonen, Minna Karhu and Maria Nuutinen (from Finland)
  • Tobias Alm, Anna Norrgrann and Jelizaveta Suska (Sweden)
  • Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi and Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav (Estonia)
  • Ineke Heerkens, Jeannette Jansen and Christopher Thompson-Royds (Netherlands)
  • Jasmin Matzakow, Vivi Touloumidi and Nadine Kuffner (Germany)
  • Dana Hakim, Vered Kaminski and Naama Bergman (Israel)
  • Zoe Robertson, Rachael Colley and Tim Carson (Timothy Information Limited) (United Kingdom)
  • Liesbet Bussche, Octave Vandeweghe and Eline Willemarck (Belgium)
  • Edu Tarin, Marc Monzó and Estela Saez Vilanova (Spain)
  • Carla Castiajo, Cristina Filipe and Manuel Vilhena (Portugal)
  • Lauren Kalman, Seth Papac and Mallory Weston (USA)
  • Aurelie Guillaume, Marie Ève Castonguay and Amir Sheikhvand (Canada)




  • Imatra Art Museum, Finland 20.8.- 15.9.2018, opening on  Friday 17th of August
  • Tiivistämö, Helsinki Finland 11.-27.10.2018, opening on Wednesday 10th of October
  • Artcenter Laikku, Tampere, Finland, November 2018


WORKSHOPS 14.-16.8.2018:

Right now the registration for the three inspiring workshops is open through our web page at www.koru6.fi, where you can also find more detailed information about the  content of the workshops. Workshops are taking place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra, Finland. The participation fee is 350 € (includes lunch + evening activities).


KORU6 workshops :

LAUREN KALMAN (US) The Body Political: Wearable Objects as Social Tools

JULIA MARIA KÜNNAP (EE) The Point of No Return

EIJA MUSTONEN (FI) Transformation


SEMINAR 17.-18.8.2015:

The seminar program contains artist lectures and expert lectures in related fields. The loose frame around these two days is about current themes in the contemporary jewellery world and more importantly, about what will be relevant in the contemporary jewellery field in the future. Seminar is taking place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra, Finland.   (changes and updates in content are possible)

FRIDAY 17.8.2018

10:00 registration   & 10:30 welcoming words

10:40 Artist talk, Julia Maria Künnap (EE), artist

11:30 Heli Kauhanen (FI), Arts Promotion Center Finland

12:00 lunch & jewellery lottery

13:15 Exploring Hair as a Material, Carla Castiajo (PT), artist, PhD

14:00 coffee & jewellery lottery

14:30 Mittens and other stories, Eija Mustonen (FI), silversmith

15:15 final words   & 17:00 KORU6 exhibition opening Imatra Art Museum


SATURDAY 18.8.2018

10:00 registration  & 10:30 welcoming words

10:40 But if the Crime is Beautiful, Lauren Kalman, (US), Artist and Associate Professor at Wayne State University

11:30 Artist talk, Maria Nuutinen (FI), jewellery artist MFA

11:45 lunch

13:00 Current Obsession (NL), jewellery phenomenon

13:45 Can neuroscience help understand art?, Minna Huotilainen (FI), neuroscientist, professor of educational sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

14:30 coffee

15:00 Artist talk, Octave Vandeweghe (BE), something between artist, designer, maker, craftsman, silversmith, goldsmith, blacksmith, stonecutter, professional, amateure, enterpreneur, photographer,     photoshopper, dispatcher, scrap collector, investigator, cultivator, restorator,administrator, wanabe     archeologist and pretentious anthropologist

15:15 Now and then, Sofia Björkman (SE), artist, gallerist, curator, AJF Board member

16:00 final words

Participation fee:  2 days 100 € / 50 € for students, 1 day 50 € / 30 € for students

For workshop participants: 2 day seminar 60 € / 40 € for students

Price includes coffee and bun, lunch is not included.


For more information please visit KORU6

KORU6 event is organized by Finnish Jewellery Art Association. The jewellery art association was founded in Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2005. The association aims to promote contemporary jewellery in Finland and to improve its recognition as an art and design form.