Design By Women

Design by Women | August 2020

Delighted to be interviewed and featured on Design By Women 

Zoe Robertson is a designer-maker and creative director based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. In 2015 she founded Dual Works with her husband Steve Snell to create bespoke design solutions ranging from art exhibitions and community commissions to commercial projects. Their clients have included National Memorial Arboretum, Sense Charity and Midlands Art Centre. Primarily working in woods, plastic and metals for projects related to interior design and manufacture, Zoe and Steve are multi-skilled makers and together have over 50 years’ combined expertise.

Zoe took a degree in jewellery making, silversmithing and applied crafts from which she went on to a successful career in education. She has taught on foundation courses in 3D Design, at the Design Museum in London and spent 14 years at the renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham where she progressed to Course Director.

Alongside her teaching career Zoe has developed her artistic practice. She designs through making and experiments with form and materials in the studio. This has led her to create work that challenges perceptions of the way jewellery is usually displayed behind glass in gallery exhibitions, rebelling against this by creating large-scale work that allows, “the audience to touch and interact with it.” This led to a series of exhibitions between 2016 – 2019 called flockOmania which were, “an interdisciplinary laboratory of making which bought together the visual and material practices of contemporary jewellery/sculpture with dance/movement in an experiential, immersive environment.”

Passionate about promoting design and making skills, Zoe has initiated collaborative projects which inspire young people through making. In 2017 she was invited to contribute to FutureMakers, a residency at the Midlands Arts Centre based in a purpose-built design studio within the exhibition space where the design and making process was displayed to the public. She has also set up Girls with Power Tools, a workshop aimed at giving women the confidence to use tools to make and construct things for themselves. Interviewed by Mary Hemmingway who initiated Design By Women

You can read the full interview here