Collect: international art fair for contemporary craft and design 2021

Image credit: House on Mars with stylist Katie Phillips and photographer Ceri Davies.

I am delighted to announce that my work has been selected by House on Mars to showcase at Collect: international art fair for contemporary craft and design which will take place online from 26 February – 2 March 2021

House on Mars presents ‘Beyond Typology’ at Collect 2021 art fair

House on Mars gallery is an offbeat, contemporary design gallery, showcasing an avant-garde collection of wearable art, objects, and wall pieces. Established in 2020 by architect, educator, and maker Vanja Bazdulj, the London-based gallery is home to a range of unconventional materials, processes, and ideas. Taken together, they are realised in an array of surprising, three-dimensional forms.

During this year’s online Collect art fair, presented in partnership with the online art platform Artsy, House on Mars will show a harmonious collection of pieces in a dedicated virtual booth. Titled ‘Beyond Typology’, the gallery’s showcase will consist of an array of materials, formats, and textures, based around the human need for comfort and self-expression. Vanja Bazdulj explains: ‘the showcase is about reimagining and reinventing our environment and our body as more humane and curious places, where we can feel safe and relaxed.’

A range of artists and makers, both established and emerging, will take part in the House on Mars Collect showcase.

Image Credit: RE:animate series image by  House on Mars with stylist Katie Phillips and photographer Ceri Davies.

The award-winning jewellery artist Zoe Robertson will present pieces from her ‘RE:animate’ collection. In one, ’Sensory Playground’, Zoe has created tactile objects, made for grown-up humans to play and interact with. An artist of international repute, Zoe experiments with an assortment of unconventional matter, typically industrial in nature. She seeks to produce objects imbued with physical and tactile qualities, using materials that evoke a sensory response. The artist Anna Ray has created ‘Weave’, a large, flamboyant, and colourful wall installation. Through her handmade works, Anna explores the visual and emotive potential of fibre-based materials, such as silk, cotton, velvet, and wool. To make Weave, Anna wove together a combination of painted, padded, and hand-block-printed fabric strands. Weave was inspired by the ‘energetic repeats’ found in traditional Polynesian barkcloth.

The artist Karin Herwegh has made a number of curious brooches and necklaces, each one showing a certain sensitivity and humanness. Fascinated by simple objects and their potential to tell stories, Karin concentrates on the ways in which an object can be interpreted. She makes every effort to ensure the ‘experience’ of making remains apparent, valuing factors such as time, slowness, and imperfections. Up-and-coming young designer Nicholas Marschner is working on a series of hand-polished zinc mirrors, characterised by the apparent form of a disquieting reflection. The House on Mars showcase will include his ‘Apparitions’ and ‘Grey Area’ mirrors. As a designer and maker, Nicholas focuses on rich narratives and complex industrial processes, creating poetic and decorative, yet functional, work.

Up-and-coming young textile designer Alicia Rowbotham has created a luxurious, large-scale silk fibre installation, made with waste silk salvaged from Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company. A recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, Alicia is driven by the reclamation of traditional, established craft methods—she then seeks to reinterpret these methods in a contemporary fashion. Lambert Kamps is an established artist and designer, based in Groningen, a city in the Netherlands. Widely exhibited, his work is known for blurring the boundaries between art, architecture, and design. For the House on Mars showcase, Lambert will show a selection of his ‘Fat Furniture’: described as ‘swollen furniture’, the ‘Fat Furniture’ collection was inspired by the rise of obesity in the West’s consumer-driven society. A new large piece will also be unveiled.

By challenging familiar material conventions, the London-based Spanish artist Attua Aparicio enjoys finding new ways of working with existing materials, including plastic, ceramics, and waste glass. Attua will present her ‘Cookie’ vases and bowls, and her never-before-seen playful ceramic lighting. A rchitect, furniture, and object designer–maker Juliano Cordano will show his ‘Untold Layer’, ‘Villanova’, and ‘Gentrification’ wall panels. This statement collection is an expression of Juliano’s architectural background, translated into art.

This is the full list of artists and makers taking part in the House on Mars Collect 2021 showcase: Attua Aparicio, Ela Bauer, Ana Margarida Carvalho, Juliano Cordano, Zachary Herrmann, Karin Herwegh, Lambert Kamps, Peter Marigold, Nicholas Marschner, Lina Peterson, Anna Ray, Zoe Robertson, and Alicia Rowbotham

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Collect: international art fair for contemporary craft and design will take place online from 26 February –
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