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JIMS poster ZR 6.10.19.ai 2.pdf BIG

JiMs | 15 – 30thNovember

Dr* Zoe Robertson & Dr* Rachael Colley of the HSKTEEMN Research Centre prescribe JiMs

JiMS is a collaboration between artists Zoe Robertson and Rachael Colley of the newly established HSKTEEMN research centre. Together they actively explore relationships between the body and space in a playful environment, specifically designed for Odox Arts’ project space.

This site-specific installation has been created to engage audiences by offering an immersive experience which has been designed to enable participants to physically interact with and “wear” the space. Drawing ideas from the fields of science and sport to encourage playful participation, Zoe and Rachael have created an exciting space where designs have been informed by their early fun physical learning experiences, such as PE (Physical Education) in the school environment. Through processes of active involvement the duo encourage visitors to reflect on their personal experiences of inhabiting their bodies, with the aim of observing and questioning limitations imposed by both the physical body and society’s views of the body.

Participating in the experience is by appointment only, emulating a visit to the doctors, performance in a bleep test or some other physical form of examination. Participants are challenged to tackle this jewellery gym by undertaking a fun assault course, with elements that focus on different areas of the body, the aim being to find #MySpace in and amongst this environment.

On show at Odox Arts project Space, 171 Great Hampton Row, Birmingham, B19 3JG.

30-minute appointments available from 11am – 4pm, Fridays & Saturdays from 15 – 30th November 2019

To book your appointment use the following link www.odoxarts.com/workshops

About the Artists

Rachael Colley_Cutlery comb at Steinbeisser, June 2019_image by Kathrin Koschitzki

Image | Cutlery Comb, Ambiguous Implements created by Rachael Colley, 2019,

photograph by Kathrin Koschitzki

Rachael Colley is an interdisciplinary artist and senior lecturer in Jewellery and Metalwork at Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University. Her current research brings together jewellery, created predominantly using food waste, and ambiguous artefacts for eating. She invites diners to wear these visceral jewellery pieces whilst consuming food with alternative dining tools www.rachaelcolleyartist.wordpress.com

FlockOmania created by Zoe Robertson in colloboration with Amy Voris and Natalie Garrett Brown. Image by Christian Kipp

flockOmania created by Zoe Robertson in collaboration with Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris2015-2018

photograph by Christian Kipp

Zoe Robertson is an award-winning jewellery artist, whose work is exhibited within an international arena. Her studio practice explores jewellery within performance whereby a cross disciplinary approach enables her to create experiential and immersive environments which invite audience interaction and participation. Alongside this she is co-founder of the Dual Works a creative design studio based in Birmingham, UK www.zoerobertson.co.uk   www.dual.works


Piloting inclusive arts consultation at Sense Arts

During April and May 2019 I’ve been working with Sense Arts and have created a sensory sculpture in collaboration with the Sense community and Swoomptheeng as part of their inclusive arts consultation.

Below is a blog post written by Stephanie Tyrrell, National Arts Manager who tells us more about Sense Arts.

What’s it all about?
In late 2018, Sense Arts were delighted to get funding from Arts Council of England to develop a strategic arts plan for the next phase of inclusive arts at TouchBase Pears.They want the strategy to reference the ethos and practice that they’re passionate about and showcase to the fullest, the talents of those they’re nurturing through this programme.Their goal is to create artists and participants with complex disabilities as leaders in the sector and to inspire other disabled and non-disabled artists to work more inclusively.

How are we involving the people we support?

“We want the people we support to be at the heart of our arts plan and be a part of an in-depth consultation about what we should do.”

Of course, part of that consultation includes thinking about how we involve with people with complex disabilities in the process, without it being tokenistic, and help them to use their experiences to design what they want from Sense’s arts programme.This gave us a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into what and how people wanted to be involved in art making and for us to pilot some new techniques so everyone can connect and share the experience equally.We were able to reflect and evaluate how people approach new materials, meet artists share with the community, take lead in their own experience, set the pace of their collaboration and define the space they need to connect.The design elements created during the consultation will inform the main visual design of our arts plan and will be turned into a interactive sculpture at TouchBase Pears. This will mean the whole community , including people with complex disabilities can experience the collaborative process and art making at Sense.

How did we do it?

We knew we wanted to worked with artists whose work is sensory, interactive , high quality and most importantly inclusive to everyone. We also wanted to work with local artists and bring in new practices to Sense and TouchBase, so we piloted bringing different artists and their practices together – including music, visual arts and sculpture. The consultation ended up being two parts:

  • The first involved the people we support experiencing and making artwork together with arts collective Swoomptheeng. and their Daance Maast.
  • The second part involved reflecting on that experience with artists Zoe Robertson, who is an award-winning artist who creates experiential and immersive experiences for audience to actively take part in.

The first stage…

Swoomptheeng brought the Dance Maast – a multiplayer, sensory music writing machine for groups to use to collaborate together and play beats! People sat in a circle around the mast and pressed push buttons to trigger sounds and vibrations. Anyone could join in at any time and create their own piece of music. People responded well to the range of sounds, visual feedback and vibrations via subpac vests.

One of our lead artists collaborating with Zoe was Paul Hicken, who is supported by Sense and is a keen visual artist. Paul loved experiencing the Dance Maasst and reflecting on his experience with Zoe. This approach gave him time to meet new people, make music and vibrations, and share what this was like.This process was about valuing everyone’s different contributions in an inclusive way – the very foundation of how we want to approach consultation

The second stage…

Once people had experienced music making together, they then worked with Zoe to capture moments and generate ideas for the inclusive arts plan. Working with Zoe, Paul and the other participants explored different materials, explored art making, and responded to actions and sounds.Paul would indicate his favourite sounds, recognise other people making music with him, play with sounds, then manipulate materials with Zoe to replicate that experience. Zoe will take Paul’s marks and amplify this in the design of the arts plan and on the final sculpture for TouchBase Pears.

What was the end result?

After the two days of consultation, Zoe commented on that she felt a deep sense of connections with participants and with Paul and that there was a strong ‘dialogue’ through making, eye contact and touch

By the end of the two days, we had over 6 metres of work, which will form the main design ideas for the arts plan and inclusive sculpture. We had lots of fantastic feedback.

We hope this piece will demonstrate on investment in promoting creativity and contributions of deafblind and disabled artists. Special thanks to Arts Council of England for supporting the project and thank you to the staff at Sense, TouchBase Pears , Zoe Robertson , Paul Hicken, the Swooptheeng, Sima Gonsai, Ruth Richardson and all of the participants and Sense support staff.

What’s next?

This consultation process, alongside the learning we have from the Sense Arts programmes, will be combined over the next month to create a new strategy for Sense Arts. This will detail what we want to achieve and how we will achieve this.From the consultation we’ve decided to call our plan ‘Space to be Different’. This came about from reflecting on people’s processes and recognising that to connect people with complex disabilities to arts, we need to further evaluate access to arts, create a bigger, bolder space for all contributions to be celebrated and define our methods and processes.

We want to create further visibility and enriching arts and cultural experiences for people with complex disabilities to become artists and creative leaders‘Space to be Different’ will be installed at TouchBase Pears from 27 May, and we’ll be launching the inclusive arts plan on 13 June.


Industrialised, Art in Manufacturing in the Gallery


INDUSTRIALISED, Art in Manufacturing in the Gallery
Sat 15 Jun – Sun 15 Sep 2019, FREE
Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Blackburn, Lancashire

Featuring work unexhibited in the UK to date and providing a rare, multi-disciplinary view of industry, human contributions to manufacturing and the impacts of factory making on our landscape, INDUSTRIALISED, Art in Manufacturing in the Gallery opens at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery between Sat 15 Jun and Sun 15 Sep 2019.

Featured artists include Jasleen Kaur, Mandy Payne and Kate Haywood, while French photographer, Charles Fregerexhibits the Bleus de Travail(‘Work Overalls’) photography series for the first time in a UK gallery, a long-term study of technical college students during the 90s. Other selected artists include Karen Mathison, André Stitt and Chrisoula Kostankakou, Zoe Robertson, Sue Rossiter, Jason Taylor, Pascal Ungerer, Katie Watson’sand Maria Kapajeva.

For information about all of the exhibitions, art installations and events for the 2019 festival visit www.festivalofmaking.co.uk or connect with the festival on social media at:




Birmingham Open Studios

Birmingham Open Studios

Delighted to announce I will opening my studio the Dual Works for Birmingham Open Studios on Saturday 4th August 10 – 6pm. The Dual Works will be showing our Quarterhaus homewares collection along with work by Zoe Robertson, Sellotape Cinema and Emma McCusker
About Birmingham Open Studios
Come and explore Birmingham Open Studios, showing the work of nearly 100 artists, across 11 spaces with 5 one off events.

Take a behind the scenes look into the canal-side warehouses, old factories, and new developments that make up Birmingham’s artists studios, workshops and project spaces.

This open studio event connects the city’s creative spaces, showcasing the artists, designers and makers working within them. Step inside and meet artists in their place of work, explore their working processes, have the opportunity to buy one off pieces, and discover the diversity of talent and skills at work under the surface of Birmingham’s ever expanding creative scene.

For 2018 Birmingham Open Studios has been organised by Eastside Projects, Grand Union, International New School and Studio Capri with the ambition to open up the cities art spaces and artists to the wider world whilst bringing artists together.
Birmingham Open Studios Map
For more information please visit Birmingham Open Studios

Triple Parade

triple parade poster

selection TP2018

Delighted to be selected for the 4th Triple Parade exhibition with jewellery from my REanimate series.

Triple Parade | Biennial for Contemporary Jewellery| How Art Museum, Shanghai (China) | October 2018 – January 2019


Is it Useful ?

RE:Animate created by Zoe Robertson - Image by Kate Rossin

‘Is It Useful?’ | 26th April- 1st September 2018.

I am delighted to be invited to exhibit my RE:Animate series in ‘Is it Useful?’ on show at Unit Twelve Gallery from 26th April 2018.

This exhibition has been co curated by Charlie Birtles and will showcase a collection of beautifully handcrafted, intellectually conceptual objects. This exhibition playfully reconsiders the objects of our day to day domestic life; each object feels familiar, yet provides a challenge to interpret. Artists confirmed for this exhibition are: Victoria Scholes, Tara Squibb, Anne Gibbs, Richard McVetis, Zoe Robertson, Elaine Bolt and Annemarie O’Sullivan – ‘Making ground’ collaboration, Rosie Deegan, Bethany Stafford, Ellie Birkhead, Katy Gilliam Hull, Kate Haywoodand Fran Buxton

For more information visit Unit Twelve Gallery


Unit Twelve Gallery


Unit Twelve is a contemporary craft workshop and exhibition space in a stunning rural location in Staffordshire. It hosts a regularly changing programme of exhibitions, with complementary art workshops run by Jennifer Collier, Iain Perry and exhibiting artists.

Unit Twelve Gallery, Tixall Heath Farm, Stafford, ST18 0XX

In the Loupe 2

question mark 10 x 10 cm

In the Loupe 2  | Monday 26th February – Friday 9th March 2018

In the Loupe 2 brings together a vibrant collection of jewellery, objects and artefacts by the artists, educators, researchers and practitioners that shape the field of jewellery through their work at the School. The eclectic mix of work on show celebrates the multi-faceted nature of the School of Jewellery’s research hub and showcases the diverse interests and expertise of this ambitious and talented team. Within this rich mix of themes and approaches, these artists and makers are united by a curiosity to explore both within and beyond their ‘native’ discipline of jewellery. It’s this experimental approach which builds knowledge within a particular specialism and this broad range of individual directions and personal voices which underpins and enriches the educational experience at the School of Jewellery.

Images of Zoe’s Box

What’s in the box?

For this exhibition, the team were challenged to respond to the question – ‘What’s in the box?’ – with each exhibitor communicating an element of their practice within the boundaries of an identical white box. It is envisaged that work contained within these boxes will span the breadth of the jewellery discipline and showcase a variety of conceptual ideas, material alchemy and new technologies from commercial to contemporary, from handcrafted to digital technologies, and work in progress to thinking beyond boundaries. The contents of the boxes will be revealed on the opening night!

Professor Stephen Bottomley, Head of School Comments

“The breadth and diversity at the School of Jewellery has grown to encompass over the past 125+ years is simply dazzling. Add to this breadth of specialism a range of levels of study and an exceptional team of staff and you have a powerful creative network to encourage innovation and creativity. This exhibition is an intriguing snapshot of works across a section of this special community. Step up, open the box and peek inside!”

Exhibitors include:
Dauvit Alexander, Keith Adcock, Stephen Bottomley, Beaulagh Brooks, Frank Cooper, Paul Evans, Sian Hindle, Andrew Howard, Bridie Lander, Anna Lorenz, Drew Markou, Toni Mayner, Sarah O’Hana, Jo Pond, Claire Price, Zoe Robertson, Rebecca Steiner, Katy Tromans , Kate Thorley, Abbie Williams and Paul Yeomans.

Visit the Vittoria Street Gallery

Exhibition opens on Monday 26th February – Friday 9th March 2018

Opening party and the big reveal will take place on Tuesday 27th February  6 – 8pm followed by an opportunity to talk with the artists.

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Delighted to announce I have been invited to exhibited at KORU6. I will be representing the UK as one of 12 invited jewellery artists. In which I was able to invite two other artists from the UK whose work I find interesting and engaging to join me. They are Rachael Colley and Tim Carson (Timothy Information Limited).

About KORU6

KORU6 is an international contemporary jewellery triennial organized now for the sixth time. The main purpose of the event is to widely present international contemporary jewellery and bring together artists, lecturers, researchers and people with interest in contemporary jewellery to take part in the exhibition, seminar and workshops! The event will take place in Imatra, Finland, August 2018.  The web page for the event is www.koru6.fi

The exhibition will be open at Imatra Art Museum from 20th of August to 15th of September 2018. This time 12 talented jewellery artist were invited to take part of the exhibition. Each of them was asked to invite two interesting artist from their own country to join in the exhibition. In total there will be works of 39 artists from 12 countries.

KORU6 exhibition, Imatra Art Museum, from 20th of August to 15th of September 2018. Opening ceremony in the evening of 17th of August 2018.


KORU6 workshops, 14th-16th of August 2018.

KORU6 seminar, 17th-18th of August 2018.

The artists participating KORU6 are:

  • Jussi Järvinen, Mari Keto and Hanna Ryynänen, Eija Mustonen, Minna Karhu and Maria Nuutinen (from Finland)
  • Tobias Alm, Anna Norrgrann and Jelizaveta Suska (Sweden)
  • Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi and Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav (Estonia)
  • Ineke Heerkens, Jeannette Jansen and Christopher Thompson-Royds (Netherlands)
  • Jasmin Matzakow, Vivi Touloumidi and Nadine Kuffner (Germany)
  • Dana Hakim, Vered Kaminski and Naama Bergman (Israel)
  • Zoe Robertson, Rachael Colley and Tim Carson (Timothy Information Limited) (United Kingdom)
  • Liesbet Bussche, Octave Vandeweghe and Eline Willemarck (Belgium)
  • Edu Tarin, Marc Monzó and Estela Saez Vilanova (Spain)
  • Carla Castiajo, Cristina Filipe and Manuel Vilhena (Portugal)
  • Lauren Kalman, Seth Papac and Mallory Weston (USA)
  • Aurelie Guillaume, Marie Ève Castonguay and Amir Sheikhvand (Canada)




  • Imatra Art Museum, Finland 20.8.- 15.9.2018, opening on  Friday 17th of August
  • Tiivistämö, Helsinki Finland 11.-27.10.2018, opening on Wednesday 10th of October
  • Artcenter Laikku, Tampere, Finland, November 2018


WORKSHOPS 14.-16.8.2018:

Right now the registration for the three inspiring workshops is open through our web page at www.koru6.fi, where you can also find more detailed information about the  content of the workshops. Workshops are taking place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra, Finland. The participation fee is 350 € (includes lunch + evening activities).


KORU6 workshops :

LAUREN KALMAN (US) The Body Political: Wearable Objects as Social Tools

JULIA MARIA KÜNNAP (EE) The Point of No Return

EIJA MUSTONEN (FI) Transformation


SEMINAR 17.-18.8.2015:

The seminar program contains artist lectures and expert lectures in related fields. The loose frame around these two days is about current themes in the contemporary jewellery world and more importantly, about what will be relevant in the contemporary jewellery field in the future. Seminar is taking place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra, Finland.   (changes and updates in content are possible)

FRIDAY 17.8.2018

10:00 registration   & 10:30 welcoming words

10:40 Artist talk, Julia Maria Künnap (EE), artist

11:30 Heli Kauhanen (FI), Arts Promotion Center Finland

12:00 lunch & jewellery lottery

13:15 Exploring Hair as a Material, Carla Castiajo (PT), artist, PhD

14:00 coffee & jewellery lottery

14:30 Mittens and other stories, Eija Mustonen (FI), silversmith

15:15 final words   & 17:00 KORU6 exhibition opening Imatra Art Museum


SATURDAY 18.8.2018

10:00 registration  & 10:30 welcoming words

10:40 But if the Crime is Beautiful, Lauren Kalman, (US), Artist and Associate Professor at Wayne State University

11:30 Artist talk, Maria Nuutinen (FI), jewellery artist MFA

11:45 lunch

13:00 Current Obsession (NL), jewellery phenomenon

13:45 Can neuroscience help understand art?, Minna Huotilainen (FI), neuroscientist, professor of educational sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

14:30 coffee

15:00 Artist talk, Octave Vandeweghe (BE), something between artist, designer, maker, craftsman, silversmith, goldsmith, blacksmith, stonecutter, professional, amateure, enterpreneur, photographer,     photoshopper, dispatcher, scrap collector, investigator, cultivator, restorator,administrator, wanabe     archeologist and pretentious anthropologist

15:15 Now and then, Sofia Björkman (SE), artist, gallerist, curator, AJF Board member

16:00 final words

Participation fee:  2 days 100 € / 50 € for students, 1 day 50 € / 30 € for students

For workshop participants: 2 day seminar 60 € / 40 € for students

Price includes coffee and bun, lunch is not included.


For more information please visit KORU6

KORU6 event is organized by Finnish Jewellery Art Association. The jewellery art association was founded in Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2005. The association aims to promote contemporary jewellery in Finland and to improve its recognition as an art and design form.





Made in the Middle 2018

Made in the Middle | Rugby Art Gallery | January 20March 7

Made in the Middle opens at its final destination at Rugby Art Gallery on 20th January 2018.  it will be the last opportunity to see RE:Animate as part of this touring show.

Made in the Middle, a recurring touring exhibition originated by Craftspace, is the Midland’s principal selling exhibition of high quality contemporary craft and applied art. Selected by an expert panel through open entry, it promotes the best of contemporary craft from makers living and working in the Midlands or with a strong regional connection. It is popular with audiences, galleries and collectors. Besides achieving sales, many makers gain from further commissions, exhibiting and participatory workshop opportunities.

More information here.

Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

RE:Animate created by Zoe Robertson jewellery artist - Image by Kate RossinZoe Robertson jewellery artist show RE:Animate at the Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

Delighted to announce that my RE:Animate jewellery collection will be on show at the Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition from the 18-26 November 2017

Read more about it at future design

Without a Jewel

Without a Jewel, radiant pavillon, Melbourne City library, Zoe Robertson, Renee Ugazio, Anneleen Swillen, Paulina Rodete, curated by Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland

Without A Jewel engages in the discussion of Contemporary Jewellery’s materiality.  Contemporary Jewellery is a field of inquiry, not a medium, and although many contemporary jewellers make wearable jewels, some do not. Instead, they work on the edges of the field. They investigate qualities of jewellery: the presumption of wearability and value, its materiality and its context, through a variety of media including performance, installation, film and photography.

Without A Jewel will present four artists currently exploring the edges of jewellery: Renée Ugazio (Australia), Anneleen Swillen (Belgium), Paulina Rodete (Mexico) and Zoe Robertson (UK). Curated by Judith Torzillo and Victoria Cleland, Without A Jewel offers the chance to discuss boundary-crossing practice at a time of flux in the Contemporary Jewellery field.

ScreenHunter_252 Aug. 02 16.02
Without A Jewel
Artist/s: Zoe Robertson, Renée Ugazio, Anneleen Swillen & Paulina Rodete
Curators: Victoria Cleland & Judith Torzillo
Four artists who use performance and installation to discuss value, context,adornment, wearability and expectation.
Instagram: @withoutajewel
Melbourne City Library Gallery
253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
2 August – 2 September, Mon–Thu 8am–8pm,
Fri 8am–6pm, Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 12–5pm
Drinks & discussion:
Thu 31 August, 2–4pm
Download the program here

About the Artists

Award winning jewellery artist Zoe Robertson’s studio practice explores themes relating to jewellery within performance. She creates theatrically sized jewellery, experiments on the edges of the discipline and enjoys working collaboratively. She is co-founder of The Dual Works an artist studio based in Birmingham, UK and her work is exhibited within an international arena The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of her works moves beyond jewellery and into the fields of performance, sound, and dance. As seen in her latest solo exhibition flockOmania this cross-disciplinary approach enables her to create experiential and immersive environments, which invite audience interaction and participation.

Dr Renée Ugazio repositions jewellery practice – redefining it as a set of actions and traces freed from their expected sites associated with object production. In doing this jewellery practice is mobilised and reimagined amid the world to explore temporality, experience and material engagement. Her research exposes how the attentive sensibility of a jeweller can surface in the production of artworks. She explores how this has the potential to draw attention to materiality, and our awareness of being in time and place. Dr Ugazio lectures at RMIT University where she received her PhD in 2017. She exhibits widely both nationally and internationally.

Anneleen Swillen (Be, °1992) lives and works in Ghent and Hasselt. She holds a master’s degree in Object and Jewellery design and a postgraduate in Curatorial Studies. Swillen’s research takes presentation as a starting point for content rather than accepting the premise that content must precede presentation. She is currently a PhD student at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD, researching the expressive potential of presentation within contemporary art jewellery practice.

Paulina Rodete is a designer of contemporary jewellery and an artist who lives and works in Mexico and is currently undertaking research for her Masters of Visual Art in Germany. Rodete is interested in the search for new meanings in objects through diverse everyday practices in various disciplines including happenings, performances, video, dance and installation. Her practice concentrates on the transformation of petrified matter & objects and ‘the extension of space in the relationship between body and jewellery’. Her sculptures and contemporary jewellery pieces have been exhibited in México, United States and Germany.

Victoria Cleland is an emerging contemporary jeweller and curator from Sydney, Australia. She completed Honours (First Class) in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts and participated in the 2015 JMGA conference, EdgesBordersGaps. Victoria’s jewellery practice investigates notions of value and image. She completed an internship with gallery Studio 20/17 which involved critical writing, exhibition preparation and installation. Following her internship she exhibited LUXIE, her first solo project. Victoria co-curated Young Collectors with fellow Honours candidate, Judith Torzillo, presenting collections of contemporary jewellery owned by Australians in their twenties and exploring connections between them.

Judith Torzillo is an emerging curator and artist raised in Sydney and currently based in The Netherlands. She is interested in opening conversations, engaging in the activation of unlikely spaces and supporting new connections in the field of contemporary jewellery. Her artistic practice focuses on the epic and allegorical potential of matter in the everyday. Torzillo graduated with Honours (Class I) in Fine Arts from the University of Sydney in 2015. Her curatorial work includes Valuable Remains (Archive_ Space, Sydney) and Young Collectors (SCA Foyer Gallery, Sydney).​


Radiant Pavillion



future makers 3

Sat 17 Jun – Sun 3 Sep | Opening times as per building | Free admission | Arena Gallery

Futuremakers is an exhibition and participatory programme over the summer of 2017. Three makers-in-residence will occupy the Arena Gallery for six weeks working with school groups, public programmes to play, make, build a number of pavilions in Cannon Hill Park.

Exhibition opens Saturday 17th June

Residency Programme:
– Zoe Robertson/The Dual Works, 10-21 July
– Simon & Tom Bloor, 24 July-4 August
– Birmingham Co.LAB, 7-18 August
– The Big Review, the project’s closing event, will be on Wednesday 30th August. Hosted and coordinated by Emily Warner.

future makers 2

Futuremakers is a summer-long programme which aims to inspire the designers and makers of the future through acts of playing, making and building.

The project brings together three makers-in residence, Simon & Tom Bloor, Zoe Robertson and Birmingham Co.LAB, with the wider public to design and build a number of ‘pavilions’. The makers will inspire and help support the creation and construction of pavilions using the architecture of mac and the landscape of Cannon Hill Park as an inspiration point.

Resident makers will work in purpose-built open studios in the gallery to work collaboratively with the public and local groups. Participants will be invited to explore materials, play and have fun, while helping to create a new structure, supported by our experienced makers.

Futuremakers 4

An exhibition of historical and contemporary examples of designing through play accompanies the residency programme with works from established architects and artists including: Riccardo Dalisi, Renata Bandeira, Studio Weave, We Made That, Huw Wahl, Action Mobile Space, Kate Darby Architects, TakTal Test Unit, Little Architect, Catalytic Action, Kosuge1-16 and many more.

There are lots of opportunities to take part in Futuremakers. If you are interested in coming along to play and create with our makers, please come visit the gallery space and see how it transforms over the summer. The makers will be on site between 10th July to 18th August.

Curated and organised by Co.LAB in collaboration with Trevor Pitt. Support from Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, Birmingham City University. With additional support by Hawkins/Brown Architects.

for more information visit Co.LAB and MAC


The World is Your Dressing Up Box

ScreenHunter_248 Jun. 19 19.36

The World is Your Dressing Up Box  at The National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD)

22 Jul – 8 Oct 2017

This summer the National Centre for Craft & Design celebrates the flamboyance of fashion, costume design and accessories with a new exhibition, The World is Your Dressing Up Box  (22 Jul – 8 Oct 2017).

The exhibition will transform the gallery into a giant emporium of wonder and opulence, presenting well known pieces made for celebrities and the work of leaders in the world of fashion and costume design. Alongside them are trailblazing graduates, milliners, footwear designers and jewellers. Displayed together, this collection presents the ultimate ‘must-have’ pieces for everyone’s dressing up box. The chance to model favourite items highlights technique and materials and brings craftsmanship, quality and originality to life.

Subscribe Series -  Zoe Robertson - image credit Image courtesy MARKmagazine.tv Photographer Justin Ridler

My Subscribe Series on show at The World is Your Dressing up Box

Show highlights include the headpiece worn by Lady Gaga designed by Shilpa Chavan AKA ‘Little Shilpa’, in collaboration with Disney. One of only a handful of milliners in India, London College of Fashion graduate and previous intern to Philip Treacy, the artist has a distinct style influenced by travel and multiculturalism.

Staying with Lady Gaga, we also present some of her shoe designers, Kobi Levi and Kermit Tesoro. Levi’s ‘Double Boot’ was used in the ‘Born this Way’ music video whilst Tesoro is also known for his headline grabbing heel-less shoes and towering wedge boots for French-born designer, Florian Jayet, an intern for the late Alexander McQueen.

We take our hats off to London based Bundle MacLaren who shot to fame in 2011 after designing a dozen hats for the Royal Wedding and are lucky to have examples from world renowned milliner, Stephen Jones. For anyone with a sweet tooth, Shoe Bakery will definitely tempt your sweet side, bringing style and whimsy to the world of women’s shoes with unique cupcake, ice cream and cinnamon bun designs.

No show of this nature would be complete without iconic design examples – the towering Union Jack boots worn by Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell and the continuing impact of innovators like Björk, presented through the work of fashion designer and collaborator with the musician, Marlou Breuls.

We continue our ongoing relationship with artist Grace Du Prez and welcome Vogue featured  H E I D I L E E – also using 3D Printing technology. Made in the Middle jeweller, Dauvit Alexander, will show more iron ore and steel pieces inspired by when men more freely wore elaborate and beautiful jewellery.

Primarily about letting the imagination fly, celebrating individualism and self-expression the show also considers environmental and ethical questions and the issues of authenticity and style.

For more information please visit National Centre for Craft & Design

 The World is Your Dressing Up Box - The National Centre for Craft and Design

FLUX – The Symposium

flux image

FLUX – The Symposium
Centrala Gallery
10th June 2017 5pm-9pm
In response to the challenges that artists, curators, and galleries face today, Room7 are excited to present an evening of talks and discussions on the contemporary arts of the West Midlands. During the symposium we will examine wider topics such as the relevance of contemporary art in society,

and a consideration of the status of contemporary art and artists post ‘Brexit.’
The programme includes talks by Director of New Art West Midlands Craig Ashley and Kim McAleese, Programme Director at Grand Union, a practice workshop where the audience are encouraged to respond to the artworks on display, and a roundtable conversation with the four artists featured in the show, FLUX, James Lomax, Zoe Robertson, Intervention Architecture, and Mark Houghton.

Tea, coffee and a glass of wine is included in the entrance fee, light refreshments will also be available

Tickets £5/, £3 concessions.

Tickets must be pre-booked as numbers are limited.

Tickets can be ordered via ‘Eventbrite,’

There may be limited tickets available on the day, please contact room7curating@gmail.com with any enquiries.

Room7 Symposium Programme:

5:00pm – Welcome
5:15pm – Drawing workshop in Gallery
5:50pm – Coffee Break
6:00pm – ‘The Contemporary Art Scene Post Brexit’ – a conversation with Cheryl Jones (Grand Union) and Craig Ashley (New Art West Midlands)
6:45pm – Break
7:15pm – Exhibition Tour, led by curators and artists
7:30pm – Artist in Conversation: An open-panel with Intervention Architecture, James Lomax, Mark Houghton, and Zoe Robertson.
8:00pm – Drinks
9:00pm – Close

Location: Centrala, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT.
Organiser: Room7,
Enquiries: Contact Room7 at room7curating@gmail.com

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Culture, Costume and Dress Conference

10 -12th May 2017

Objects and images from  flockOmania were shown in the Cabinets of Costume exhibition at Parkside Gallery and a live improvised performance intervention titled ‘Conversation on wearing: practice at play’  took place as part of the opening and private view of Cabinets of Costume on Wednesday 10th May between 5:30 – 7:30pm

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About CCD 2017

Dress in all its manifestations, whether clothing, jewellery or other accessories, is a fundamental aspect of culture, and one that culture references. This multi-disciplinary, international conference will explore the nature of dress as it relates to, responds to, and influences culture.

Clothing reflects the customs and concerns of society, and often reveals its underlying motivation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of fashion, which almost unknowingly expresses the zeitgeist of its time. The perspective of history allows us to discern more clearly the power of dress to shape lives and influence society. Politically, clothing has been used to control certain groups; socially, clothing has provided status to individuals; and psychologically, dress both defines us and contributes to our sense of self.

This significance has been effectively exploited by the arts, particularly the visual arts, where costume is often used to convey particular themes, as for example, the costume adopted in royal portraits. In literature too, dress can provide insights into character and personality; and in the theatre, costume creates a persona for the audience and the actor who inhabits it.

Through presentations, posters, panel discussions and performance, the conference will consider the many aspects of costume and dress, exploring their inter-connections and reflecting on their significance. It will include an exhibition of costume and other artefacts that articulate the conference themes.

For more information please visit ccd2017.org/

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FLUX - Room 7 curating



Newly formed collective of curators ROOM7 presents ‘FLUX’, an exhibition of contemporary art in collaboration with Grand Union and Centrala Art Galleries. The collective is made up of 7 curators from different backgrounds brought together by their studies at the University of Birmingham.

The exhibition is formed by the work of four carefully selected artists based in the West Midlands; Mark Houghton, James Lomax, Anna Parker and Zoe Robertson.

All of the artists have made new artwork for the show, responding to the gallery space and its architecture.

Mark Houghton is exhibiting new artworks of monumental size, as well as existing works which combine sculpture and painting in reaction to the space of the gallery.

Artist James Lomax has created ‘site-reactive’ sculptures which extend from floor to ceiling, in reaction to the architecture and the history of the gallery space.

‘Intervention Architecture’ has created an installation space that can be entered by visitors. It will be blacked-out, and they invite the viewer to experience and explore various domestic objects through touch.

Jeweller Zoe Robertson has created a piece of work that can be touched, worn and interacted with. For the opening night she has invited two dance artists, Natalie Garrett Brown and Polly Hudson, and Sellotape Cinema (Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain) to deliver an improvised, site-specific and collaborative performance with the artworks.

The exhibition will launch on Digbeth First Friday, a micro art festival in Digbeth, on Friday 2 June at 6pm.

Opening night performance by Zoe Robertson: 2 June 2016

Friday 2 June to 10 June 2017


Centrala Art Gallery: Art Loft

Unit 4 Minerva Works

158 Fazeley Street

B5 5RT Birmingham


 About ROOM7

ROOM7 is a curatorial collective; 7 curators from different backgrounds brought together by their studies at the University of Birmingham. With a focus on multidisciplinary practices, they work to explore the limits of the gallery space, and the boundaries between different art disciplines. They promote and support artists in the production of new work, as they develop their practice. www.room7curating.wixsite.com

For more information please visit




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2020 Visions


2020 Visions: Celebrating twenty years of the ACJ

Celebrating twenty years of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ), 20:20 Visions shows the best of contemporary jewellery and conveys progression in design and techniques over the last twenty years.

To mark the anniversary, ACJ has invited twenty of its most prominent and innovative members to exhibit work from 1997 alongside a new piece. The exhibition also features a number of works from members selected by a panel of advisors. ACJ currently has 500 members so this exhibition promises much in terms of range of materials, new technologies, techniques and methods of construction.

The Selection Panel: Kath Libbert, John Moore, Peter Taylor & Rebecca van Rooijen.

Tour dates:

  • NCCD 14 January – 12 March
  • Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield Hallam University 20 March – 24 April
  • The Goldsmiths’ Centre 17 May – 29 June
  • Vittoria Street Gallery, School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University 11 Sept – 23 Oct
  • Crafts Study Centre, UCA Farnham 31 Oct – 9 December

The Goldsmiths’ Company have generously sponsored this exhibition tour and ACJ’s Conference in July

Invited Jewellers:

Jane Adam,  Holly Belsher,  Stephen Bottomley,  Caroline Broadhead,  Norman Cherry   Susan Cross,  Jack Cunningham,  Joel Degen,  Maria Hanson,  Janet Hinchliffe McCutcheon, Dorothy Hogg,  Terry Hunt,   Daphne Krinos,  Jacqueline Mina,  Adam Paxon,  David Poston    Ann Marie Shillito,  Jessica Turrell,  Frances Julie Whitelaw,  Christop Zellweger.

Selected members:

Dauvit Alexander,  Kate Bajic,  Hendrike Barz-Meltzer, Jessica Briggs,  Toby Cotterill,  Karen Dell’Armi,  Amanda Denison,  Gail Ferriman,  Gill Forsbrook,  Irmgard Frauscher,  Anne Havel (USA),  Joanne Haywood,  Susi Hines,  Courtney Hyland,  Christine Johnson,  Stephanie Johnson,  Emily Kidson, Loveness Lee,  Katy Luxton,  Fritz Maierhofer (Austria),  Lieta Marziali,  Jo McAllister,  Annamaria Mikulik (Slovakia),  Jane Moore,  Jo Pudelko,  Zoe Robertson,  Louise Seijen ten Hoorn,  Elizabeth Shaw (Australia),  Rebecca Skeels,  Anne Walker,  Anastasia Young.



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flockOmania was invited to present a performance intervention titled “Conversations on Wearing: A trio of object, movement and words” ‘a mobile intervention’ (with Zoe Robertson, Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris and Christian Kipp) at InDialogue a two day biennial International Symposium that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice. The symposium took place on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December and was hosted by Nottingham Contemporary, New Art Exchange and Dance4.

InDialogue programme

Keynote: Professor Grant Kester (University of California)

Chair: Professor Steve Swindells (University of Huddersfield)

Curators: Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones

Guest Speakers: Dom Breadmore, Elena Cologni , Luigi Galimberti, Saskia Holmkvist, Boseda Olawoye,  Helen Varley Jamieson, Rachelle Viader Knowles and Katherine Wimpenny.

Performers: Sally Doughty, Rachel Krische and Lisa Kendall, Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, Michael Pinchbeck and work in progress by Chloé Déchery and Jane McKernan 2016 InDialogue resident artists.

Presenters: Rachael Colley and Nuala Clooney, Linda Duvall, Tom Estes, Sarah Green, John Hammersley,  Frank Heather,  Caroline Horton and Jacqueline Taylor, Daniel Hunt, Petra Johnson, Garrett Lynch, matthews and allen,  Francesco Mazzarella and Gavin Rogers,  Ella McCartney, Sam Metz and Abigail Parsons, Tychonas Michailidis, Jake Moore and Jade Williams, Sally Morfill and Ana Čavić, Katarina Rankovic, Zoe Robertson, Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris, Suzanne Palzer, Zoë Petersen, Gaby Saldanha, Dan Scott, Joanna Sperryn-Jones, Steven Baldwin and Craig Newsome, Dani Tagen, Arlene Tucker and Anastasia Artemeva, and Gemma-Rose Turnbull

Thursday Dec 1st ticket£20

Nottingham Contemporary

Friday Dec 2nd ticket £20

New Art Exchange

InDialogue Performance Evening

In partnership with Dance4, InDialogue has invited artists who are making creative and challenging live works in the UK and internationally to present their work.

The performance evening will celebrate what it means to be in dialogue, considering diverse approaches to practice.

Artists include Sally Doughty, Rachel Krische and Lisa Kendall, Caroline Horton and Jacqueline Taylor, Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, Michael Pinchbeck and work in progress by the 2016 InDialogue resident artists.

Performance evening:
Tickets: £10 (full) £8 (concessions)
Duration: 3 hrs (approx.)
Suitable for 16+

Tickets for performance evening only are available from Dance4.


Fashion and Costume in Context and Practice

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Fashion and Costume in Context and Practice Symposium and Exhibition hosted by Huddersfield University

Monday 5th  and Tuesday 6th December 2016

flockOmania with Zoe Robertson, Natalie Garrett Brown, Amy Voris and Christian Kipp

  • Paper – Bodies and Object: process, practice and performance
  • Performance – Conversations on wearing: Practice at play