Zoe Robertson


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Collect: For its 11th edition, COLLECT 2014 once again presents a select offering of museum-quality works from the very best international artists in ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, wood, furniture, silverandfine metal work. Alongside its participant galleries, COLLECT continues to be at the centre of the ever-growing market for collectible contemporary objects, and has cemented its position as the best place to viewandbuy contemporary craft.A key exhibition on London’s arts calendar, COLLECT is an important sourcing ground for museum curators and discerning collectors. Each object is carefully vetted and a requirement for each gallery to show at least 15% new work ensures the fair remains at the forefront of developments in each field. For 2014, the 37 galleries – a 15% increase on last year – are working on strong curatorial themes and unique offerings, bringing together an impressive crop of new and established talent from across the world.Galvanize Sheffield and Yorkshire Artspace in collaboration with the Harley Gallery (UK) are taking seven artists to COLLECT. The selected silversmiths and jewellers include Cameron Maxfield, Maria Hanson, Charlotte Tollyfield, Alison Counsell, Jessica Turrell, Lina Peterson and Zoe Robertson.

Neil MacDonald, Chair of Galvanize says: “Being exhibited at COLLECT is an achievement in itself for our artists.   They are being given a place on a prestigious international stage from which to showcase their talent, to sell their work and present Sheffield to the world.”

Galvanize Sheffield: Is a partnership of organisations celebrating contemporary metal design and innovation, showcasing Sheffield’s thriving metal trades and traditions. Sheffield is synonymous with steel production and the metal trades. Famed for its production of steel, heavy engineering that shaped the world and fine cutlery, it is a city of endeavour, creativity and craftsmanship. Metal skills thrive here today through a community of silversmiths and designers who create beautiful and innovative contemporary designs in metal and through the manufacturing of metal products in the city. Galvanize is a celebration of the past, present and future of all things metal. It is an affirmation that investing in skills and innovation will ensure that beautiful objects, practical tools and powerful products continue to be made in Sheffield and appreciated around the world.

Funding partners: Arts Council England, The 100 Club, Sheffield International Forgemasters, AESSEAL, Macalloy, Made in Sheffield, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield
Assay Office, The J G Graves Trust, The Lord Mayor’s Office, Sheffield City Council. With special thanks to Outokumpu Stainless Ltd and Ancon Building Products for advice, support and materials.

For more information please visit Galvanize plus Zoe’s makers profile

COLLECT: The leading international art fair for contemporary objects, returns to the Saatchi Gallery in 2014 with an impressive roster of 37 international galleries, alongside seven Project Space artists.This showcase of excellence will feature contemporary objects for sale from over 400 artists, ranging from ceramics and glassware to jewellery and woodwork, cementing COLLECT 2014 as the place to view and collect museum-quality contemporary craft. The fair appeals to established and new collectors alike and acts as a perfect springboard to start cross-collecting. COLLECT was launched by the Crafts Council in London in 2004 and has since established itself as the leading international art fair for museum-quality contemporary craft, attracting both private and institutional collectors – the V&A, the British Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, the Mint Museum, USA, and the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Norway, to name a few – looking to buy exemplary work from leading artists from around the world. Prices start at £500, rising into the thousands.

For more information please visit Collect 


Captions for the last first two photographs above;

Zoe Robertson showing with Galvanise Sheffield at COLLECT14 – Photograph by Sophie Mutevelian

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of Galvanise Sheffield

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INTIMATELY CONNECTED aims to reveal the exploration of design and creativeness in contemporary jewellery making today; from applied, decorative, commercial or industrialised designs, the selection of works will help amateurs and collectors alike explore this unique and highly skilled art genre. This exhibition will aim to educate, inform and encourage the public to see a cross section of emerging and established artists from Australia and around the world.

Jewellery art like many other forms of fine art has the intention to express a sophisticated and well-developed concept or narrative through its display and materials. Artists investigate different topics to create individual pieces covering a broad spectrum of ideas and motivations; a piece of contemporary jewellery has the ability to take on the role of adornment with charisma, class and presence.

There are many types of Jewellery art that resonate with each of us. Whether you receive it from past generations, receive it as a gift or buy it yourself it is something that becomes self-reflective and transformative. The street is the home of popular culture; it is a place where people can shape and display their identity, attributes and personality while developing their own character. This can be done through piercings, tattoos, luxury jewellery or braided friendship bracelets. It has always had an immense capacity to interact with audiences and it becomes a part of our cultural existence.

Our body and the world also represent a fundamental quest for originality. The body has addressed adornment since the beginning of time, and the focus for contemporary jewellery to lead into the exploration of new parts of the body is a new platform that is challenging and artistically appropriate. Our bodies become the display of contemporary representation, whether it is the glittering commodities of gold, silver, diamonds, jewels or pearls it can also be the everyday materials of metal, rope, leather, bones and chains.

Jewellery is often used as a form of self-expression it can draw attention to sexuality or enhance beauty, show off wealth, signal status and project power but wearing a work of art can also have an emotional meaning. The way the object is touched, worn or experienced in a sense becomes part of the conversation, unique in design and beautifully created.

Information above from .M Contemporary  intimately-connected  and online  Catalogue  

.M Contemporary
37 Ocean Street,
Woollahra, Sydney
NSW Australia 2025
Phone: 02 9328 0922



Image courtesy of .M Contemporary Gallery and markmagazine.tv
Photographed by Justin Ridler.
Styled by mark Vassallo.
Hair and make up Gavin Anesbury.
Model Gem at Work Models.
Photographed at Sun Studio’s Sydney.

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of .M Contemporary Gallery

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Play for Display at Gallery Four (Gothenburg,Sweden) has been transformed into a gigantic jewellery box filled to the brim with adventurous art. Prepare to get physical with the unexpected, the hard-to-wear, the intimate and the breathtaking.

The exhibition is a part of GIBCA Extended, a satellite program in conjunction with Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art.

The exhibition is curated by Sanna Svedestedt & Karin Roy Andersson / Diagonal. They selected 24 artists from 13 countries for the exhibition. The artists have their view on how their jewellery will affect the wearer. During the exhibition you will be encouraged to try on the pieces art pieces and explore what kind of feelings or associations the jewellery evokes.

Play for Display is presented in conjunction with the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, GIBCA as a part of the satellite program GIBCA Extended.

This year GIBCA has initiated a satellite program to include arenas and practitioners in the Contemporary Art field. The satellite program is called GIBCA Extended and will show artistic practices and productions inspired by the thematics for GIBCA 2013: Play! Recapturing the Radical Imagination.

Artists: Bas Bouman, Carole Deltenre, Cristina Dias, Danni Schwaag, Emelie Westerlund, Helena Sandström, Jana Graf, Karen Vanmol, Kellie Riggs, Lital Mendel, Linda Savineau, Madalina Stoica, María Carelli, Marina Zachou, Marion Delarue, Marlene Beyer, Masako Hamaguchi, Mia Maljojoki, Ria Lins, Ricarda Wolf, Sandra Tamborini, Sofia Björkman, Yang Ziyi, Zoe Robertson

For more information please visit GALLERY FOUR and Diagonal Projects




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 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition 

As one of the key exhibition projects of Beijing international Design Week, September 24th 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition opened in World Art Museum China Millennium Monument. The exhibition is organized by The Committee of Beijing International Design Week, Central Jewelry Administration of the Ministry of land and resources, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Gehua cultural center co.Ltd.In Oriental Exhibition Hall and Western Exhibition Hall of World Gallery. There displays over 1300 jewelry art pieces made by more than 300 artists who are from 45 nations and areas in five continents (185 overseas artists and 144 domestic artists)

This is an international event for jewelry art area, the exhibition participants including the most excellent and talented university students, jewelry artist,independent designers and enterprises from both domestic and overseas side. They use all kinds of jewelry design concepts and design forms on their original art pieces, have showed us the variety of different cultures in the world.

For more information please visit Future design 


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Suspended in Green is a traveling exhibition that explores the world of jewellery, as it is NOW.

Green: it’s just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more.
It’s the color of money, of envy and of inexperience.
It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature.
We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

Touring to

  • V&V, Vienna, Austria. February 2014.
  • Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany. As part of Schmuck 13th – 17th March 2014
  • Lesley Craze Gallery, London UK 15 August – 20 September 2014
  • Studio 20/17 Sydney ,Australia 7 – 18 July 2015

The exhibition is curated by Laura Bradshaw Heap and Photography seen here by Patrick Israel + Frederique Coomans. Information collated from the Suspended in Green blogspot and facebook page.

Facebook – suspended in green and Blogspot – suspended in green




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‘Suspend.ed in Pink’, a touring exhibition that seeks to explore the world of jewellery as it is NOW. With a focus on concept driven jewellery, also known as art or research jewellery.

Why pink?, why not blue or green or black, peach, indigo or tangerine? There are numerous reasons, opening up a riot of explorations into pink’s many connotations, cultural references and gender associations. And yet, at the same time it is arbitrary. It is just a colour. Nothing more or less. It is a beginning.

At first there was an open call, asking for submissions of jewellery that contained pink and could be suspended. Entries were received from all parts of the world. A wealth of statements, concepts and styles with 365 pieces submitted from over 156 jewellers. The jury, Laura Potter and Timothy Information Limited, worked hard pulling together a mix of styles and artists both established and emerging.

The Exhibition kicks off at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK, running from the 7th-28th of January 2013.

The exhibition tours to;

  • School of Jewellery (UK) (7th-28th of January)
  • Studio Gabi Green(Germany) part of Schmuck 2013 (7th – 11th March)
  • Schmuck Show (Germany)
  • Heidi Lowe (U.S.A) (11th August – 8th September)
  • Cicuits Bijoux (France) (12th -20th October)
  • V & V Gallery, Vienna, (Austria) (11th January – 8th March)

Exhibitors ‘Suspend.ed in Pink’ 2013

Alexandra Hopp, Andrea Coderch, Annette Dam, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Claire Lavendhomme, Claire McArdle, Corrado de Meo, Demitra Thomloudis, Drew Markou, Erica Voss, Farrah Al Dujaili, Galatée Pestre, Helena Johansson, Heng Lee, Isabel Dammermann, Jane Richie, Jo Pond, Jorge Manilla, Josephine Siwei Wang, Karen Bartlett, Kate Rohde, Karen Vanmol, Karin Roy Andersson, Katharina Moch, Kevin Hughes, Lauren Markley, Lital Mendel, Lynn Batchelder, Mallory Weston, Masako Hamaguchi, Michelle Kraemer, Minna Karhu, Patricia A Gallucci, Rachel McKnight, Réka Fekete, Rhona McCallum, Ria Lins, Sam Hamilton, Silke Fleischer, Sofia Björkman, Thea Clark, Vinit Koosolmanomai, Yeseul Seo, Zoe Robertson.

PRESS RELEASE: courtesy of Laura Bradshaw- Heap


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We are delighted to announce that Zoe received an Honorable Mention at the Cominelli Foundation’s International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery 2012

COMINELLI FOUNDATION’S COMPETITION FOR CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY 3rd edition of the Cominelli Foundation’s International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery 2012 organized by the Foundation and the AGC Contemporary Jewellery Association43 artists have been selected to take part in the Competition

The participation this year was dominated by young talent and therefore the jury decided to take up this aspect and promote upcoming jewellery makers.

The jury’s choice for the first prize could not be resolved, so it was decided to split the first prize between both the favored artists. This decision was made because the two submissions, though from opposite positions, were deemed to have the same level of quality in innovation, in the use of materials and investigation. Both of the artists’ works presented attention to detail and revealed sensitivity in their fine craftsmanship.

Jasmin Matzakow’s two brooches carved in precious wood represent abstract forms that are discovered and gradually removed from the material in a meticulous painsaking systematic process, revealing an inner life of the material she works in.
Seul-Gi Kwon
builds up organic forms in silicone reminiscent of sea life, playing with colour, texture and forms. The transparency in the material almost evokes the delicacy of Murano glass in spite of the warm and oily quality of the silicone they are made from.

The second prize has been awarded to Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele for his electroformed brooches combining the unconventional use of fine silver and polystyrene and orange peel. In these pieces he creates an unusual combination of textures that are perceived mainly by the eye instead of the hand.

The three nominations are to Emmanuel Lacoste’s scenographic photographs enquiry into the status of jewellery, its symbolic and historical value and the ultimate ephemerality of these qualities. For Zoe Robertson’s bubbleshaped brooches and their humerous combination of and sensitive use of uniform colour and patterned areas and to Chiara Scarpitti’s fine and poetic imagery in combination with patern.

Contemporary Jewellery today represents a sector of advanced research, experimentation of new expressive languages and the enhancement of the concept of personal adornment.The Cominelli Foundation aims on becoming a reference point for applied arts, not only an exhibition space but a place where applied arts “are done” through workshops and related conferences.The AGC, Contemporary Jewellery Association, founded in 2004, is the promoter of numerous projects nationally to encourage and spread contemporary jewellery culture. The association works in close contact with the international jewellery community, organizing many events to stimulate a constructive and synergetic comparison with other artistic and productive realities.Two prizes and three special mentions will be awarded to the participants in the exhibition.The First Prize of 3.000 euros will be awarded to the artist whose work best represents contemporaneity in the world of jewellery.The Second Prize a laptop will be awarded to the artist who is the most technically innovative.The 3 Special Mentions will be for the research and experimentation of new languages.The selection of the 43 participants in the competition was organized by Maria Cristina Bergesio, Historian of Jewellery and Contemporary Jewellery, author of important publications on the art of jewellery.The criterion for the selection was the quality of goldsmith’s art, the originality and the contemporaneity of the pieces, represented in the registration phase, by photographs.

The selected artists :


The Jury for the competition is made up of important figures in the world of art and Italian and International contemporary jewellery:

  • Michele Cassarino, chairman of the Cominelli Foundation
  • Daniel Kruger, goldsmith, teacher sculpture/jewelry Art School in Halle
  • Maria Cristina Bergesio, historian of jewellery and contemporary jewellery
  • Mirella Cisotto Nalon, head of cultural activity, the Council of Padua
  • Rita Marcangelo, gallery owner, administrator of the Cominelli Foundation’s Permanent Collection
  • Massimo Tedeschi, editor-in-chief Corriere della Sera, Brescia supplement
  • Ludwig Reinhold, director of Art Aurea magazine

The exhibition will be held in the splendid 17th century building, overlooking the Salò Gulf, headquarters of the Cominelli Foundation. The prizes will be awarded at the opening on Saturday 1st September 2012.

Raffaele Cominelli Foundation
Address : Via F. Santabona, 25010 Cisano S. Felice d/B , Brescia, Italy
Exhibition dates : 1st september – 30th september 2012
Opening: 1st September 2012 – 6.00pm
Mail: premiocominelli@agc-it.org
Links:  www.agc-it.org www.fondazionecominelli.it
Curators: Rosanna Padrini Dolcini, Maria Rosa Franzin, Rossella Tornquist

For further information visit

Cominelli Foundation
Exhibition Catalogue
Zoe’s Honourable mention

PRESS RELEASE Courtesy of Maria Rosa Franzin


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A juried exhibition of new work from members of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. The theme, Stain-less, seeks to interpret and explore notions of narrative,addressing cultural and social issues as well as aspects of process. The exhibition includes jewellery and body adornment in a variety of materials; precious and non-precious, using old and new technologies text from Glavanize Sheffield

More information visit ACJ

Held at the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery from 3rd – 31st May 2013



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Brooching Verona

In concurrence with the annual Art-Verona Fair, more than twenty brooches by Italian and international artists made of unconventional and unusual materials in addition to metals, will be displayed in shop windows in the old town center of Verona from October 8, 2013 to October 20, 2013. These artifacts can be considered art works thanks to their significant emotional and intellectual contents. The focus of the event will be the concurrent exhibition “Enchanted Dialogues: Brooches in Tribute of Verona”, held at the deconsecrated church of San Pietro in Archivolto, next to the Cathedral of Verona. Overall “Brooching Verona” is a rare opportunity for citizens and tourists to approach the world, little-known yet deserving more attention, of ” contemporary jewels.” In addition to that, it contributes to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the historical streets of Verona. It is organized by associazione Nuro in collaboration with Verona’s Cathedral under both Verona Town Council’s and Province’s Patronage.


Luis Acosta (Nl/Ar) Alicia Jane Boswell (Usa) Lilia Breyter (Ar) Paula Bruno (Ar) Isabelle Busnel (Uk) Ana Helena Chifflet Guiponi (Uy) Cinzia Costantini/Stefania Gerbo (It) Nunzia De Feo (It) Clara Del Papa (It) Maria Aida Fernandez Rubio (Uy) Alessandra Gates (It/Usa) Joanne Haywood (Uk) Susana Hernandez Morin (Uy) Rita Martinez (Cr/It),  Zoe Robertson (Uk) Kaoru Rogers (Aus) Vicky Saragouda (Uk) Julie Usel (Uk) Elena Varela (Uz) Ornella Zaccaria (It) Melania Zucchi (It).

For information about Brooching Verona



ENCHANTED DIALOGUES:Brooches in tribute of Verona

The exhibition “Enchanted Dialogues:Brooches in Tribute of Verona” will be held in the deconsecrated church of San Pietro in Achivolto next to Verona’s Cathedral , from October 8 -20 2013 Curated by Nunzia De Feo and organized by associazione Nurò under the patronage of Verona’s Town Council and Verona’s Province with Cantina Castelnuovo del Garda’s and Agriform’s contribution, it has been set-up thanks to the foresight and generosity of Verona’s Cathedral. Given the pressing economic stagnation, Monsignor Antonio Finardi, Verona’s Cathedral Parish Priest, aware that having a job is inseparable from a human being’s dignity, asserts: “It is important to encourage and be close to those who are actively involved in experimenting and exploring new possibilities and solutions”.

As the title suggests, the show invites visitors to engage with the artifacts displayed in intimate and spontaneous conversations inside of which old memories, disjointed emotions and forgotten anecdotes can emerge.

Three are the thematic areas that constitute the main focus of the event:

  • Architecture of Verona: monuments and dynamism
  • Verona in the past: customs and cultural traditions
  • Paths: growing in “Hope”

Participants – Invited to deal with the ambitious project are some leading figures in the international contemporary jewelry world next to young talents from different countries outside of Europe, too.

Luis Acosta (Ar/Nl) Vicky Ambery-Smith (Uk) Luigi Barato (It) Leah Becker (Usa) Alica Jane Boswell (Usa) Lilia Breyter (Ar) Paula Breyter (Ar) Paula Bruno (Ar) Isabelle Busnell (Uk) Mariano Contin (It) Cinzia Costantini/Stefania Gerbo (It) Patricia Cruz (It) Nunzia De Feo (It) Corrado De Meo (It) Pieralba De Rosa (It) Luisa De Santi (It) Clara Del Papa (It) Suzanne Esser (Nl) Anna Galtarossa (It) Lucia Gigena (Uy) Suzanne Golden (Usa) Marianna Hadass (Uk) Joanne Haywood (Uk) Roberta Hibberd (Uk) Agnieszka Kiersztan (It) Rita Martinez (Cr/It) Mikiko Minewaki (Jp) Maria Rosa Mongelli (Ar) Viktoria Munzker (At) Martha Pachon (It) Mabel Pena (Ar) Paola Perez (Bo) Patrizia Polese (It) Zoe Robertson (Uk) Niki Stylianou (Gr) Davinia Torija (Es) Julie Usel (Uk) Stella Valencia (Cr) Davide Zambon (It) Melania Zucchi (It).

Associazione Nurò, established in Verona in January 2013, aims to be a driving force to promote knowledge of contemporary jewelry and reinvigorate its credibility inside the general public. Through the organization of exhibitions, workshops and conferences encourages a deepening of matters that engage in the world of ethics, law, fashion and wellness. In its mission hopes collaborations with public and private institutions

For more information about this exhibition please visit Enchanted Dialogues



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Diamond Jubilee
The Association for Contemporary Jewellery is proud to be presenting a touring exhibition of jewellery specially designed and made on the theme of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Thirty two makers have created pieces especially for the event, resulting in a wide variety of individual interpretations in precious and non-precious materials. All the participating designers have embraced the theme of Jubilee celebration with style, irreverence, humour and panache. Crushed gemstones, sweets and jellies, ribbon, graphite powder, flocked and sublimated materials, rub shoulders with diamonds, silver and 18ct gold, in a glorious celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s sixty years reign.

All the pieces were selected by a distinguished judging panel chaired by

Professor Jack Cunningham, which included Corinne Julius, Jacqueline Gestetner, Joanna Hardy, Kath Libbert and Karen Dell’Armi.

Leading jewellery designers taking part include Stephen Bottomley, Kelvin J Birk, Maria Hanson, and Zoe Robertson.

The exhibition opens at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, and then starts its tri-nation tour to Llantrisant, South Wales before showing at the newly opened Goldsmiths’ Centre, London – the first exhibition to be held there after its’ own opening Royal exhibition. This is a testament to the Association’s high profile, and to the Centre’s commitment to showing work in non-traditional as well as traditional materials, and used in non-traditional ways.

ACJ Diamond Jubilee Exhibition at-

  • Birmingham School of Jewellery, March 12 to 30;
  • Llantrisant Gallery, May 1 to 31;
  • Goldsmiths’ Centre, Clerkenwell, London, June 11 to 16;
  • SH Gallery, Edinburgh, July 2 to 28;
  • North Glasgow College, August 27 to 31.

For further information see Diamond Jubilee

Exhibition Catalogue

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery


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European Prize for Applied Arts 2012  

What is Applied Arts? ” When creating bursts into daily life, when jewellery becomes message, when ceramics becomes poem, when design changes life, when the artists have a fresh look at everything of daily life, and create unique pieces through the “intelligence of the hand”, this is what Applied Arts means.

Objects and furniture design, textile design, contemporary ceramics, jewellery and silversmithing, glass, metalwork,… Come and discover the best of European Applied Arts, during summertime, at the Grand Hall of the “Abattoirs Abattoirs” of Mons (Belgium).

Seasoned designers and young talents, whose creations will be on show in the magnificent showcase of the Grand Hall, interact thanks to an exhibition design from entrusted to Evelyne Gilmont, a designer from Brussels teaching at the School of Plastic and Visual Arts of Mons” courtesy of WCC-BF website

From a total of 550 applications from all around Europe, the jury met at the WCC-BF’s gallery in Mons and selected just 86 applications for the exhibition

The following experts selected the work

  • Alice Cantigniau, Culture Service, City Mons
  • Vincent Cartuyvels, Director Artschool ” Le 75″, Brussels
  • Liesbeth Den Besten, art critic, curator, expert in contemporary jewellery
  • Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Art historian, Art Director Gallery Collection, Paris
  • Hélène Martiat, Inspector Art Education, Ministry of Education
  • Frank Steyaert, Ceramicist, collector, Director Gallery Steyaert, Gent

Zoe Robertson commented ” I am extremely delighted to be selected for this prestigious exhibition and to be amongst such esteemed company alongside applied artists of the highest calibre is a great honour”

Amongst the exhibits an international jury of experts will award, two prizes which will be announced at the private view:

  • The Master Prize, which carries a money prize of €3,500, conferred on an artist over 35 years of age, author of a key work.
  • The Young Talent Prize, which carries a money prize of €3,000, conferred on a young artist aged 35 at most

The European Prize for Applied arts will take place from 14th July until 9th September, 2012 at Les Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium at the World Crafts Council-Europe. Organised by WCC-BF, in partnership with the City of Mons and WCC-Europe. With the support of the Plastic Arts Department of the Federation Wallonia Brussels and Design Vlaanderen

For further information please visit: World Crafts Council

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of European Prize

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Currently featured as the only UK jewellery artist in a European touring exhibition titled Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll…Vices or Lifestyle? This will travel to venues in Italy and Germany over the forthcoming year.

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of the exhibition curators Heidemarie Herb and Luigi Mariani

“…The perceptions of Dante Alighieri, who described the seven deadly sins and seven virtues in his Divine Comedy, are the starting point of the competition and exhibition project entitled Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll…Vices or Lifestyle?

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), the great Italian poet of the late Middle Ages, referred to lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride as deadly sins. We wanted to find out what jewelry artists think about vices and lifestyle in our day and age and asked them to illustrate, using their medium, the ideas associated in the past with sin and vice.

Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll….. Vices or Lifestyle? competition puts contemporary jewelry in the lime light. All over the world, this highly traditional medium is being used in a largely liberal artistic fashion. Any material is allowed, and an almost unlimited spectrum of ideas can be expressed in these body related creations. What unites the protagonists of modern jewelry is the idea that their medium is neither supposed to serve merely as a fashionable accessory nor as a means of representation. Artistically designed jewelry is above all a carrier of ideas. Which are interpreted in this exhibition of 22 jewelry artists from 11 different countries….”

The competition jurors included: Barbara Schmidt and Giovanni Corvaja,

Curators of the exhibition: Heidemarie Herb and Luigi Mariani


The exhibition opens on

  •  Werkschau Simone Winkler – 28/09 – 12/10 2012
  • Galleria 42 Contemporaneo – 03/11 – 29/11 2012
  • Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus – 04/07 -18/08 2013

For further information visit Klimt02  and   Facebook

Photo thanks to “Angelo Verga Studio”



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An exhibition in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation from 13th January to 3rd March 2012

Electrum Gallery is are pleased to announce an exhibition in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), in which our makers from both galleries will show one-off pieces inspired by the theme of the heart. Ten percent of the profits will go towards the BHF’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, which funds groundbreaking research into repairing the heart muscle after a heart attack.

Over twenty of our artists from each gallery responded to the invitation to take part in the Target the Heart show to support a cause which could give hope to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. At this time of the year around Valentine’s Day, where we all are especially concerned with matters of the heart, they have interpreted its iconic shape as well as the associated symbolism.

Mikala Djorup’s focus lies on the heart as a muscle, the hardworking machine that keeps us alive, pumping the blood around our bodies. She has simplified the complex shape of a real heart, and made a brooch to put where one sees fit; for example on one’s sleeve.

For Lina Peterson the invitation to take part in this exhibition coincidentally came at a time when some of her pieces were beginning to look quite organ-like. Her brooches and necklaces take their starting point from anatomical drawings of hearts, looking at the construction of a human heart and how it has been, and is today, represented through drawing.

Zwetelina Alexieva took inspiration from the heart not only being the motor of life, but also the source of emotions. Mending a heart implies an existent imperfection or that something is missing. Therefore she decided to make two hearts, which are in opposition, but also complement one another. They look fragile and hostile at the same time, incomplete and imperfect, an illustration of the diversity and vulnerability of human beings.

Zoe Robertson’s piece is a double magnetic brooch, which can be worn by the heart. You can choose which piece to wear then at the end of the day you put it back together – i.e. mending broken hearts.

Katherine Richmond’s work explores the fragile relationship between people and objects. She uses books as a symbol of permanence and longevity to create wearable objects with a fragility that questions traditional notions. Her work embraces the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Michael Berger will show a kinetic ring with a red enamel heart right at its centre, visualising Gretchen’s words from Goethe’s Faust: My peace is gone, my heart is heavy, I will find it never and never more.

Target the Heart also features individual works by Joel Degen, Nora Fok, Katerina Ioannidis, Mette Jensen, Jytte Kløve, Susan May, Tom and Jutta Munsteiner, Anna Wales and Mark Woods.

In addition, Jo McAllister is curating a collaborative specially made necklace based on the Surrealist parlour game Exquisite Corpse. The participants will create work from a variety of media including linen, silk, steel, staples and glue along with other surprise elements which will then be joined by Jo to form the necklace.

The parlour game Exquisite Corpse originally started with the artists Tanguy, Duchamp and Miro and others who began playing with collage, and drawing – one person would begin by drawing a head, cut the drawing up – the other would draw the body and so forth and the cut up pieces would be collaged to form the Exquisite Corpse. Taking this notion as the brief the jeweller Jo McAllister is passing this idea into a necklace and has asked six contemporary jewellers to each respond to this idea: Petra Bishai, Grant Braithwaite, Lizzie Farey, Jennifer Kidd, Wendy-Sarah Pacey and Simone ten Hompel.

The necklace will be auctioned in aid of the BHF’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal at their grand Tunnel of Love charity event at Proud Camden on 29th May 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of Electrum Gallery


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Twelve Glass Cabinets: The Red Dot

The Red Dot Series was created in response to an invitation to design and make work for an exhibition titled Twelve Glass Cabinets. This was held at Bank St Arts, Sheffield, UK, during December 2008. This exhibition paid homage to and critiqued the use of the cheap and cheerful Ikea glass cabinet which seems to have become the display medium of choice in craft galleries.

Twelve jewellers were each allocated a cabinet and each offered their own unique take on the exhibiting, display and selling of jewellery. Zoe created an ever-changing interactive showcase where the public could remove and try on one of a series of 40 different flocked magnetic brooches. On removal of the brooch a red dot was revealed indicating the work had been sold.

Jewellers included: Jivan Astfalck, Elizabeth Callinicos, Lin Cheung, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Joanne Haywood, Julia Keyte, Anna Lorenz, Laura Potter, Zoe Robertson, Felicity Rowley, Abigail Stradling, Syan van Niftrik

For more info please visit Twelve Glass Cabinets