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Image Credit | Christian Kipp

Gather.IN | 2017

Performance installation created for FLUX curated by Room 7 in collaboration with Grand Union.

Gather.IN was created at  Dual Works In collaboration with Sellotape Cinema, Natalie Garrett Brown, Polly Hudson and special thanks to Emma McCusker

A newly formed collective of curators ROOM7 presents ‘FLUX’, an exhibition of contemporary art in collaboration with Grand Union and Centrala Art Galleries.

The exhibition is formed by the work of four carefully selected artists based in the West Midlands; Mark Houghton, James Lomax, Anna Parker and Zoe Robertson.

All of the artists have made new artwork for the show, responding to the gallery space and its architecture.

Mark Houghton is exhibiting new artworks of monumental size, as well as existing works which combine sculpture and painting in reaction to the space of the gallery.

Artist James Lomax has created ‘site-reactive’ sculptures which extend from floor to ceiling, in reaction to the architecture and the history of the gallery space.

‘Intervention Architecture’ has created an installation space that can be entered by visitors. It will be blacked-out, and they invite the viewer to experience and explore various domestic objects through touch.

Jeweller Zoe Robertson has created a piece of work that can be touched, worn and interacted with. For the opening night she has invited two dance artists, Natalie Garrett Brown and Polly Hudson, and Sellotape Cinema (Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain) to deliver an improvised, site-specific and collaborative performance with the artworks.

The exhibition will launch on Digbeth First Friday, a micro art festival in Digbeth, on Friday 2 June at 6pm.

Opening night performance by Zoe Robertson: 2 June 2016

Friday 2 June to 10 June 2017

Centrala Art Gallery: Art Loft

About ROOM7

ROOM7 is a curatorial collective; 7 curators from different backgrounds brought together by their studies at the University of Birmingham. With a focus on multidisciplinary practices, they work to explore the limits of the gallery space, and the boundaries between different art disciplines. They promote and support artists in the production of new work, as they develop their practice.

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www.digbethfirstfriday.comImage credit: Christian Kipp