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Image Credits | Christian Kipp

L219 | 2013

ARTISTS: Steven Chamberlain, Cath Cullinane, Natalie Garrett, Christian Kipp, Nicholas Peters, Daren Pickles, Zoe Robertson, Stephen Snell, and Amy Voris

“…L219 is an installation of light, sound, film, objects and movement emerging from collaboration between Lighting Designer Cath Cullinane, Photographer Christian Kipp, Jewelry Designer Zoe Robertson, Composers Daren Pickles & Nicholas Peters, Film-makers Stephen Snell & Steven Chamberlain, Dance Artists Natalie Garrett & Amy Voris. The collaborators are co-creators as the work continually forms and transforms according to shifts in movement, light and sound. During dusk, this durational and improvised work treads a boundary between light and dark, inside and outside, the reified and the everyday exploring the porous relationship of the glass-lined Lanchester Gallery with the surrounding city centre.  Images sourced from the body become a movement score that invite relationship for performers and audience as the site(s) of L219 gently surface and dissolve in the collaborative moment..” Quote from Dance & Somatics Practices Conference 2013

L219 Performance Installation – Thursday 11th July 20.00-23.30