Space to be Different

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Space To Be Different | 2019

Created by Zoe Robertson in collaboration with Dual Works, SwoompTheeng and members of the Sense Community

This sensory sculpture has been created for everybody to enjoy at Sense. You can explore the work through different senses. 

Space To Be Different was designed and made by Zoe Robertson with the Dual Works, who collaborated with SwoompTheeng’s ‘Tha Daance Maast and members of the Sense Community.

It was created in response to the mystery sounds generated by the dance masst. Over two days of experimental sound, the community were challenged to the idea of capturing these sounds in three dimensional form via sensory materials.

The hypnotic rhythms and rave like beats, were generated and played by SwoompTheeng who introduced their dance mast to the community. Participants were able to lead a musical jam to experiment and collaborate with each other to produce layers of sounds.


Those sounds ranged from high pitched shrill noises too deep rumbles, with hums, pulses, echoes, thuds, reverberations and moments of contrasting calm and chaos. This created an immersive and absorbing soundscape which acted as the catalyst for interpretation into three dimensions.

In response, sensory modelling materials were used to produce quick responses, with an experimental approach these sounds were captured and recorded in three dimensions. The results of this created a visual and tactile sound journey in which the fleeting and transitory nature of the experiment was captured as a record of the experience. These tangible sound waves became the catalyst for the sensory sculpture.


As a designer- maker the Act of Making is central to Zoe’s artistic practice, therefore the dialogue of making acted as a vital communication tool when interacting with the Sense Community. Alongside the language of making, observational skills, via action and response play an important role in identifying the key themes to progress which could then be amplified to create the final work.


At the Dual Works the overall aesthetic emerged by identifying the most prominent ideas which became the catalyst for interpretation. These derived from the visual and tactile qualities seen in the models, together with the identified patterns of repetition, loops, connections, calm to chaos to calm and the unpredictable rhythm patterns. These qualities were magnified and focused around 8 antennae which directly relate to the eight sound pods of Tha Daance Maast. Materials chosen to create this work have been specially selected for both their visual and physical proprieties enabling this sculpture to be enjoyed and sensed in a variety of ways.

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