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images | set design details 

I am me : we are kindred | 2018

I was commissioned to design and make an immersive theatre set and props for Spectra Arts show called ‘I am me. We are Kindred’  We collaborated together to design a fun multi-sensory, interactive,  wearable set,  which was manufactured at my studio the Dual Works . The wearable elements were made from Flotex a flocked carpet generously sponsored by Forbo Flooring

‘Spectra is a performance company that draws on the diverse creativity of its mixed professional and learning disabled community cast to devise multi-sensory, immersive theatre. Developed through a partnership between MAC birmingham’s next generation programme, independent artist Kate De Right, and Queen Alexandra College, Spectra is made possible through funding from Arts Council England’ Spectra

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images | interactive and wearable set 

I am Me. We are Kindred

“With trademark whimsy and intense positivity, Spectra returns with a new adventure for all the senses. All ages and abilities are welcome as we set off on an extraordinary journey to find out whether you can be you and still be part of your crew. Is it only what we have in common that binds us?

Magical, suspenseful, surprising, delicious. Such a uniquely warm and magical atmosphere. The way you connect with the audience is extraordinary!” Audience member from previous performance”

The performances took place on the 10 – 12th May 2018 at  the Midlands Arts Centre Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH

For more information visit Spectra and MAC

Collaborators | Kate De Right,  Queen Alexandra College, Zaq Andel, Kaye Winwood, Sarah Dicks, Emily Wilby, Paul Carroll, Natalie Mason, Hayley Guest, Bethan Ball, Bethan Partington

Image Credits | Scott Johnston & Zoe Robertson