The National Festival of Making | Festival Programme | 15+16 June 2019

 INDUSTRIALISED will open at The National Festival of Making, and will run until Saturday 14 September 2019 at Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery


Piloting inclusive arts consultation at Sense Arts | May 2019


Drama in the Making, Crafts Magazine, May|June 2019

TouchBase Pears Sense What’s on Guide Spring Summer 2019

Triple Parade | How Art Museum | Shanghai

ISBN:978 -90-825789-4-2



KORU 6 International Contemporary Jewellery



Culture Costume and Dress

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference ISBN:978-1-909379-29-9



Without a Jewel curated by Judith Torzillo + Victoria Cleland



VO – plus interview 2017 


Flux exhibition catalogue curated by Room 7


Radiant Pavilion – Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial

City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne

ScreenHunter_256 Aug. 09 17.10

20:20 Visions Association for Contemporary Jewellery


flockOmania 4: The Cass Edition

flockOmania is in this film from Music Tech Fest Berlin. (we are about 4:50!)


flockOmania on CNC news


London Live  – London Go//1 watch at 6:40



Wallpaper  – Under the Loupe

Elle Decor

Elle Decor Italia






dezeen design magazine


Its Liquid


Woodhouse College London


flockOmania on Arts Thread


Artist Newsletter


Retail Jeweller





20:20 Visions exhibition catalogue






Made in the Middle – Contemporary Craft from the Midlands 2016




flockOmania 2: The Parkside Edition


flockOmania _ The CASS – London Metropolitan

Press release The Cass: flockOmania

flockOmania – Caro Communications

Craftspace - Made in the Midlle - Zoe Robertson




November 2016 –


Work featured on the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum website for Made in the Middle


RE:Animate created by Zoe Robertson featured on the invitation to Made in the Middle 2016. Made in the Middle is a partnership between Craftspace and the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in collaboration with The National Centre for Craft & Design.




From Lausanne to Beijing 9th International Fiber Art Biennial Catalogue ISBN:978-7-5153-4459-1





New Necklaces By Nicolas Estrada ISBN:978-84-16504-08-4





NY Mag – The Cut Taylor Swift would kill for these lavish Chokers July 2016





In the loupe – Victoria Sewart Gallery  September 2016





In the loupe – Plymouth Art Weekender September 2016





domus – The Cass:Hands on published on website and via twitter August 2016






flockOmania2 – ISBN:978-1-904839-84-2





Contemporary Performance Almanac  2016 – ISBN:978-1532703607





flockOmania exhibition review – Craft Research – Volume 7 Number 1 – Intellect Journals ISSN:2040-4689





flockOmania and Beyond Jewellery reviews – Issue 62 Spring 2016 Findings Magazine Association for Contemporary Jewellery





#MTFBerlin:Announcing….. Music Tech Fest





Junk:Rubbish to Gold – ISBN:978-1-904839-86-6

Beyond Jewellery Symposium and flockOmania

Beyond Jewellery & flockOmania

ScreenHunter_160 Mar. 23 11.50

Sian Hindle – Thinking on a page

ScreenHunter_150 Mar. 23 10.54

flockOmania created by Zoe Robertson Image credit Christian Kipp

Parkside Gallery

ScreenHunter_165 Apr. 17 19.44

flockOmania 2 by Zoe Robertson image credit Christian Kipp with Amy Voris

Karmachroma April 2016

The Justified Sinner – Permission to Play March 2016 featuring flockOmania created by Zoe Robertson

The Justified Sinner – Permission to Play March 2016

ScreenHunter_156 Mar. 23 11.15

Craftnet Workshop hosted by Craftspace





Flock and Roll – Birmingham Mail Feb 2016

ScreenHunter_157 Mar. 23 11.20

Klimt 02 flockomania 2





Seven Things in seven days

ScreenHunter_152 Mar. 23 10.55

Parkside Gallery Feb 2016

What’s On Birmingham flockOmania created by Zoe Robertson

What’s On Birmingham





the University Paper – Birmingham Edition March 2016

ScreenHunter_158 Mar. 23 11.27

C-DaRE events & Collaborations

ScreenHunter_140 Mar. 23 10.21

AN Feb 2016

ScreenHunter_161 Mar. 23 20.44

wearable sculptures brought to life by dance

ScreenHunter_138 Mar. 23 10.04Birmingham City University






8th February 2016 featured here on Designer Insights

ScreenHunter_136 Feb. 08 16.42

February 2016 featured in the Artist Directory

ScreenHunter_153 Mar. 23 10.56

Parkside Gallery

ScreenHunter_155 Mar. 23 11.08

Not Too Precious: Material Alchemy – Contemporary Jewellery Seminar







Crafts Council Oct 2015 “…Directory Maker of the Week is Zoe Robertson who has been selected for the European Prize for Applied Arts in Mons, Belgium…”




European Prize for Applied Arts / Prix Europeen Des Arts Appliques ISBN:978-2-87536-023-6




Crafts The Magazine for Contemporary Craft No256 September/October 2015

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance





Not Too Precious ISBN:978-905865-12-3

Not Too Precious - What's on Summer 2015Whats on Summer 2015 – Ruthin Craft Centre




Not Too Precious  – Ruthin Craft Centre




Crafts The Magazine for Contemporary CraftNo255 July/August 2015




Craft Arts International No 94

flockOmania - ISBN:978-1-904839-78-1

flockOmania – ISBN:978-1-904839-78-1

Member of Crafts Council Directory




Attending to Movement: Somatic Perspectives on living in this World, edited by Sarah Whatley, Natalie Garrett Brown, Kirsty Alexander – ISBN: 978 -1 -909470-63-7




Portfolio at Ruthin Craft Centre





Findings Magazine – Spring 2015 issue 60 – Association for Contemporary Jewellery

Design MilkDesign Milk

klimt02 - flockOmania -Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistKlimt 02 Interview 30th Jan 2015

C-DaRE - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistC-Dare

Benchpeg - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistBenchpeg

artist newsletter - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistAN – the artist information company

The Business Information Portal - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistThe Business Information Portal

Coventry Univertsity - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistLanchester Gallery at Coventry University

Art rabbit - flockOmania -Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistArt Rabbit

Amy Voris - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistAmy Voris

Crafthaus - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistCrafthaus

Young British Jewellers - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistYoung British Jewellers

flock association of europe - flockOmania - Zoe Robertson - jewellery artistFlock Association of Europe

2015-06-11 15.00.48

Suspend.ed in Green exhibition publication








Vogue Australia
October 2014





Wearer to Wall: Jewelry as Art at Sydney’s M Contemporary Oct 2014







A Curated Life with Michelle Paterson – photograph Kai Leishman





The Sydney Morning Herald 18th September 2014






Photo by Sophie Mutevelian









Belle Magazine (Australia) July 2014





 Collect 2014 – The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects  – 9 – 12th May 2014  The Crafts Council @ Saatchi Gallery





The London Magazine
May 2014




Kensington & Chelsea Magazine
May 2014





 The Editor at Large
08 May 2014






Sloane Square
April 2014





Time Out online Tues 4th March





I love you – Design Jewelry & Accessories
DESIGNERBOOKS ISBN: 978-988-12231-4-2





Art Jewelry Today EUROPE – ISBN:978-0-7643-4678-1






Benetton October 2013






As seen in Vogue Aug 2013





2013 Beijing International Jewelery Art Exhibition
ISBN: 978-7-5180-0050-0




Professional Jeweller – “Jewellery Girls Rule” Interview July 2013  –

pro jewel 3Professional Jeweller – Jewellery Girls Q & A Interview July 2013

Colore.Aaazione on Style it, Vanity Fair April 2013
Colore.Aaazione on Style it, Vanity Fair  April 2013




Suspend.ed in Pink
ISBN: 987-1-904839-64-4





Stain – less Members Exhibition 2013




ART Aurea 3.12




Jewel Book -International Annual of Contemporary
Jewel Art ISBN:978-90-5856-410-8




European Prize for Applied Arts
ISBN: 978-2-87536-011-3




Premio Fondazione Cominelle per il Gioiello Conteporaneo  




Diamond Jubilee – ACJ Members Exhibition
ISBN 978-1-904839-57-6





Contemporary Jewellery Art: Innovative Materials
ISBN: 978-1-908175-04-5





20th Legnica International Jewellery Competition
The Gallery of Art in Legnicia, Exhibition CatalogueISBN 978-83-62534-07-4





ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery exhibition

the needle files

The Needle Files

Obsessionistas interviewObsessionistas interview






Paradigma 2 ISBN 978-1-904839-39-2





Craftsmanship and Design Awards

The Needle files

The Needle files 

phatsheep photography - Portage extremes of Scale - Bonhoga Gallery

Perception to be stretched at textile show – Shetland Times article 29thOct 2010






European Prize for Applied Arts exhibition catalogue
ISBN 978 – 2 – 87536-000-7





The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellery
ISBN 9783939130956





ISBN 978-1-904839-36





Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Jewellery Making Techniques
ISBN 978-1-84448-490-4





BCU Trends Guide





2009 ITAMI International Craft exhibition 






Silver Schools by The Gallery of Art in Legnica
ISBN 83-87304-81-6





Jewellers Directory by Association for Contemporary Jewellery
ISBN 978071368409