flockOmania 2

flockOmania - ISBN:978-1-904839-78-1

My next solo exhibition flockOmania2 will be on show at the Parkside Gallery, part of the Faculty of the Arts, Design and Media at Birmingham City University from Monday 22nd February to Friday 1st April 2016.

flockOmania2 is a solo exhibition and installation showcasing wearable sculpture which explores the relationship between Jewellery, Dance and Performance. It was created by Zoe Robertson in response to a collaborative relationship with dance artists Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris. Their background in contemporary dance, movement improvisation and site based performance provided the catalyst for this body of work.

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The resulting jewellery is theatrically-sized to emphasise and explore themes relating to the scale and movement of the body. In so doing this collection of work responds to kinaesthetic sensations in which the tactility, sensuality and physicality of the objects is important. The objects have been meticulously handmade using a mix of traditional craft skills in combination with industrial processes and new technology.

The installation challenges the traditional conventions of jewellery display whereby the work hangs freely in the space rather than being contained by a glass cabinet. This creates an immersive environment which encourages performativity, audience interaction and response. Whereby the space is seen as a laboratory of making in which the dance artists improvise movement and the audience is invited to interact, to touch, to play, to wear, and to explore.

During the exhibition a series of durational dance interventions will take place leading to a collaborative improvised performance bringing together sound, light, photography and film artists. Working across art forms these artists will create an atmospheric, dynamic environment within which the dancers will explore the ever- changing relationships between object, body and space.

Jewellery Artist Zoe Robertson, who is a course director at Birmingham City University, said:

“We’re excited to be launching flockOmania2 the Parkside edition at this up and coming venue for contemporary art and design. This project demonstrates the potential of collaboration between universities in the region working across a range of exciting and complementary artistic disciplines. It seeks to be interactive, challenge perceptions of jewellery and will be of interested to both the visual arts and performance”

Live improvised interventions with the dance artists will take place in the gallery between 2pm and 5pm on the following Wednesdays; 24th February, 2nd March, and 9th March.

The finale will take place on Thursday 17th March 2016 from 6 – 8pm

Beyond Jewellery: Performing the Body

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A symposium to coincide with the exhibition has been arranged for Thursday March 17th 2016 Beyond Jewellery: Performing the Body’ with a Keynote from internationally acclaimed Di Mainstone. The Beyond Jewellery symposium will be held at Birmingham City University, The Parkside Building.

It has been organised in conjunction with the School of Jewellery (Faculty of Arts Design and Media, Birmingham City University) and the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE, Coventry University). Convened by Zoe Roberson and Sian Hindle (School of Jewellery) and Dr Natalie Garrett Brown (C-DaRE).

To discover the design journey from initial concept to realisation and for more information please visit www.flockomania.com





JUNK:Rubbish to Gold

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I have been invited to participate JUNK: rubbish to gold and will be part of the performance on Thursday 12th November 2015

JUNK: rubbish to gold is a playful exploration of community economies (exchange, giving, bartering, gathering, earning, harvesting); putting on display the process of creating the ‘work of art’.

We will partner with charities, who will supply JUNK jewellery. During a public performance 50 jewellers will ‘gift’ their skills, (re)constructing pieces selected from a mountain of JUNK creating reimagined artworks for exhibition and then finally auction. The performance will be live-streamed on screens in the mac Birmingham and the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

Reusing is often perceived as the up-cycling of one object to another, from unwanted to desired, consumer leftovers turned into new desirable luxury consumables to buy. This reuse is the cornerstone of jewellery as a discipline, with materials shifting form to adapt to the newest fashion and trend. Yet the reimagining of one object into another is infinitely more complex than it is often portrayed.

By putting on display the entire process of creating the ‘work-of-art’ within this project; from material purchase and collection, through selection and (re)construction during the performance, then exhibition and auction, we will playfully explore ideas of exchange, bartering, gathering, earning and giving, while shifting the focus from finished object to the processes and social interactions that create of the ‘work-of-art’.

Partnering charities will supply JUNK jewellery on account. Local businesses will provide tools and equipment. The School of Jewellery will provide a venue. Performers well-established and newly emerged will come to ‘gift’ skills in a performance which will be live-streamed. The resulting pieces will be exhibited and sold via a silent auction.

JUNK: rubbish to gold aims to foster and develop multilayered networks, challenging and extending jewellery as a discipline, expanding the art jewellery audience and deepening our understanding of the impact of the arts.




Between the 9th-13th November 2015 a performance and installation will be held at the School of Jewellery during their 125th anniversary celebrations. This involved 30 jewellers from all over UK and beyond coming to the School to turn the JUNK jewellery on display into reimagined works of art. This will be live-streamed.

Monday 9.11 – Day 1


Tuesday 10.11 – Day 2


Wednesday 11.11 – Day 3


Thursday 12.11 – Day 4


Friday 13.11 – Day 5


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Following the performance between he 16th-27th of November 2015 the recreated jewellery objects will be displayed at the School of Jewellery as well as online at Crafthaus. Throughout this exhibition you will have the opportunity to bid on the jewellery via silent auction. Silent Auction HERE

30 years in the making

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30 Years In The Making 24 October – 22 November 2014

Lesley Craze Gallery will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary this October. To mark this momentous event the exhibition 30 Years in the Making will celebrate the talent and diversity in contemporary jewellery and metalsmithing by bringing together over 100 artists that have exhibited at the gallery over the last 30 years. Each artist will show two pieces; one piece from early in their career and one new piece.

This exhibition will showcase the development of contemporary jewellery and silversmithing, encompassing a vast array of materials, styles and techniques from 1984 – 2014.


Jane Adam Vicki Ambery-Smith Julie Arkell Gijs Bakker Donna Barry Michael Becker Michael Berger Margaret Bolton Michael Bolton Elizabeth Bone Myia Bonner Stephen Bottomley Nina Bukvic Isabelle Busnel Shimara Carlow Sonia Cheadle Norman Cherry Min-Ji Cho Tania Clarke Hall Scarlett Cohen French Angela Cork Elaine Cox Alan Craxford Susan Cross Charlotte De Syllas Rebecca de Quin Tine De Ruysser Karen-Ann Dicken Jenny Dean Ute Decker Joël Degen Paul Derrez Mikala Djorup Carla Edwards Iris Eichenberg Dorothy Erickson Alison Evans Niklas Evje Emma Farnworth Anne Finlay Gerda Flöckinger Nora Fok Marianne Forest Pauline Gainsbury Anna Gordon Jennifer Gray Jed Green Michelle Griffiths Katy Hackney Grace Hamilton Maria Hanson Emmeline Hastings Jo Hayes Ward Maria Hees Anke Hennig Herman Hermsen Dorothy Hogg Ulla Hörnfeldt Helen Carnac Prudence Horrocks Susan Horth Polly Horwich Christine Houghton Philip Hughes Katzie Hughes Yoko Izawa Nuala Jamison Beppe Kessler Gail Klevan Chris Knight Josef Koppmann Daphne Krinos Momoko Kumai Hannah Louise Lamb Beth Legg Sarah Lindsay Nel Linssen Salome Lippuner Esther Lord Jane Macintosh Amy C Mackay Alison Macleod Shimell & Madden Ptolemy Mann Catherine Mannheim Kathryn Marchbank Drew Markou Jeremy May Märta Mattsson Heather McDermott Sheila McDonald Naomi Mcintosh Marlene Mckibbin Maria Militsi Louise Miller Jacqueline Mina Noon Mitchelhill John Moore Grainne Morton Delphine Nardin Jill Newbrook Mark Nuell Nabla Pall Betty Pepper Felicity Peters Ruudt Peters Lina Peterson Martyn Pugh Wendy Ramshaw Geoff Roberts Zoe Robertson Kaz Robertson Kamilla Ruberg Philip Sajet Michihiro Sato Anne Selby Jane Short Sophie Stamp Heather Stowell Lesley Strickland Mariko Sumioka Joanne Thompson Ruth Tomlinson Maud Traon Giedre Vadeike Felieke van der Leest Ami Victoria Pepper Frances Wadsworth-Jones Claudia Westhaus Malin Winberg


For more information visit: 

Lesley Craze Gallery, 34 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU

PRESS RELEASE: Courtesy of the Lesley Craze Gallery