Zoe Robertson

JUNK:Rubbish to Gold

I have been invited to participate JUNK: rubbish to gold and will be part of the performance on Thursday 12th November 2015 JUNK: rubbish to gold is a playful exploration of community economies (exchange, giving, bartering, gathering, earning, harvesting);… Read More

European Prize For Applied Arts

European Prize for Applied Arts I’m delighted to announce my “Subscribe” necklace has been selected for the European Prize for Applied Arts. The European prize for Applied Arts showcases 78 makers from 18 countries at the Grand Hall… Read More

not too precious

Not Too Precious 11th July – 20th September 2015 at Ruthin Craft Centre – The Centre for Applied Arts Jewellery by 25 international makers. Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Eunmi Chun, Warwick Freeman, Emmeline Hastings, Christel van der Laan,… Read More


flockOmania is a solo exhibition created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson currently on show at the Lanchester Gallery, part of Coventry University from Monday 19th January 2015 and closes on Thursday 19th February 2015. The exhibition features wearable… Read More

30 years in the making

  30 Years In The Making 24 October – 22 November 2014 Lesley Craze Gallery will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary this October. To mark this momentous event the exhibition 30 Years in the Making will celebrate the talent… Read More


Collect: For its 11th edition, COLLECT 2014 once again presents a select offering of museum-quality works from the very best international artists in ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, wood, furniture, silverandfine metal work. Alongside its participant galleries, COLLECT continues… Read More

Play for display

Play for Display at Gallery Four (Gothenburg,Sweden) has been transformed into a gigantic jewellery box filled to the brim with adventurous art. Prepare to get physical with the unexpected, the hard-to-wear, the intimate and the breathtaking. The exhibition… Read More

Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition

     Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition  As one of the key exhibition projects of Beijing international Design Week, September 24th 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition opened in World Art Museum China Millennium Monument. The exhibition is organized… Read More

Suspend.ed in Green

Suspended in Green is a traveling exhibition that explores the world of jewellery, as it is NOW. Green: it’s just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more. It’s the color of money, of envy… Read More

Suspend.ed in Pink

    ‘Suspend.ed in Pink’, a touring exhibition that seeks to explore the world of jewellery as it is NOW. With a focus on concept driven jewellery, also known as art or research jewellery. Why pink?, why not… Read More


We are delighted to announce that Zoe received an Honorable Mention at the Cominelli Foundation’s International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery 2012 COMINELLI FOUNDATION’S COMPETITION FOR CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY 3rd edition of the Cominelli Foundation’s International Competition for Contemporary Jewellery… Read More


STAIN-LESS A juried exhibition of new work from members of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery. The theme, Stain-less, seeks to interpret and explore notions of narrative,addressing cultural and social issues as well as aspects of process. The exhibition… Read More